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  1. hi everyone, these version works good on the OG xbox?? there was a version that freezes up the xbox but could no remember wich was
  2. thanks for the post, i will like to request: change my xbox drive for a bigger one, these new one is a SATA hard drive, 500 gb Thanks again
  3. thanks for the game, you really are a great detective finding these games
  4. great work, thanks a lot, the best neo-geo emulator gets better!!!
  5. looks nice these games, thanks a lot for the upload!!
  6. looks really nice, thanks for the video
  7. thanks for the post fu, like always you come with some rare and strange roms.....
  8. thanks, good to see these new update, but i will wait for the stanalone release, because my internet connection sucks..........
  9. very good the list you made, to see who was in charge of porting the emulators on the xbox, the credits belongs who made the job... great job you are making +T+ , thanks a lot!!!!!
  10. cps 3 on the xbox runs ok, some slowdowns but perfectly playable, would be nice to see an upgrade of it
  11. yeah, great to see 1emulation es back.......looks awesome!!! great job, many thanks all the people involved with these web site
  12. great to see the hard work your putting on these +T+, thanks a lot......waiting for the new update.....
  13. great news......really want to see how the 3do emulator runs on the old xbox...... thanks
  14. wow great......maybe a new version coming soon?? thanks to CE for thes wonderful job......
  15. good, its it really true?? i hope it is, on the video description it says november 11....... maybe....thanks for the info...
  16. amazing work +T+.........thanks a lot!!!!!!
  17. thanks a lot, another zelda port in a short time.......great job freakdave........thanks fu!!
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