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  1. Well I could always go with the dewey decimal system!
  2. Hehe.. I've seen x-port do worst.. He bumped up a couple emu's like 7 or so version numbers while fixing various issues that cropped up after he released them. I could always go with a point system.. however it wont change the number of releases if I do so. So I typically have been reserving point revisions for beta versions that I crank out from time to time.
  3. Although I appreciate the shout out. It's the other guys on the list that really deserve the attention since the only emu I released this year was Bluemsxbox. However we should be seeing the release of at least one other emu before the year ends..
  4. I heard a wild rumour that it was out!
  5. Schweet... I need to try Diddy Kong Racing at come point.
  6. Doing roms and titles is fairly easy (actually movies too). But for performance reasons I would recommend staying away from movies and streaming. It can slow down the interface and threads are not an option cause the SAMBA code don't take to kindly to threads.
  7. I've been told by many "experts" in the know, who are close friends of mine btw, that the poor 'ol xbox will nearly xplode trying to emulate the power that is the xbox! Seems the poor 'ol xbox gags at the thought of emulating two SH-2's, 68000, and two (yes I said TWO) VDP's.... Nevermind the fact that I easily came to that conclusion myself. Next up! Dreamcast emu! You've been warned! :lol:
  8. Very important part of FreakDave's statement for those who insist on criticizing anything other than their own product. So like the CPS3 just consider it a fun little sidetrip. However we want to hear from you trusty box owners... would be interesting to see how it runs on a trusty. In other news the sdlx was converted to directX for the misinformed..
  9. I can associate with that one.. it can be quite a headache sometimes..
  10. Hey guys.. just to let you know.. being that it IS a beta.. alot is subject to change. So don't be surprised if when the official version is released that possibly configuration files or savestates will change. It all really depends on where things go with the beta. One of the prices of using a beta..
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