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  1. As far as the settings go, they aren't saved (at least, the CPU clockspeed isn't...volume and brightness/contrast -might- be...haven't tested) For messing around with the CPU speed in the first place, when I saw how much frameskipping it was doing by default, I just figured I'd try to underclock the sound CPU to see if that helped (I guess I was thinking about how a lot of the intensive CPU work in the MK games is emulating the sound...the games are unrelated, of course ), and when playing around with CPU0 I just dropped the clock until it was acceptably smooth, and not slowing down. Like I mentioned, I also tried dropping CPU1 to see if that helped, but it really didn't seem to affect the speed of the game...or at least, affect it enough that was worth the slowed down music/broken sound.
  2. Street Fighter - The Movie is playable at around 55-60FPS on some stages in mameox/coinops if CPU0 is underclocked to like 25% (game still runs at correct speed), but on some stages it slows down to like half that...possibly because of multiple background layers. CPU1 needs to stay at 100% though, because it affects the speed of the music...and when it gets below like 25%, voices/samples will start playing late/not at all. Anyway, FBL might be able to tweak some stuff and have the game running at full speed [EDIT: Bahaha...I didn't even notice the above SF-TM posts until I posted...I seriously only mentioned it because I've been playing it recently. Creepy!]
  3. ...there's an Unreal source port for the XBox? When did this come out?
  4. Anyone know if there has ever been any XBox porting attempt of 'xroar' (Radio Shack/Tandy Color Computer/'Dragon' computer emulator) See: http://www.6809.org.uk/dragon/xroar.shtml I'm pretty sure the ol' XB could handle it, based on the other things it's been ported to. If you're not familiar with the system, you can easily find some videos with actual gameplay/etc via: http://www.youtube.com/user/marlinlee#grid...51B4D0FAA4A37AB or http://www.youtube.com/user/atarileaf#grid...2DD60B7B68ADB67 ...you can also play around with an in-browser JAVA-based emulator on: http://members.cox.net/javacoco/ ...go to [sETUP] to choose binaries to load. "Downland" under 'BIN' (cart) was one of my favorites back in the day There was also a Color Computer 3 emulator (xroar only does earlier versions of the system, up to the 'CoCo' 2) on http://www.vavasour.ca/jeff/trs80.html but I'm pretty sure the source is mostly PC ASM-targetted, but I haven't checked.
  5. Thanks for the CPU overclocking option. Since underclocking via manually editing .ini's works, would you consider allowing the gui setting to go below 100%? ...maybe in 10% or 5% steps?
  6. Next poweron, can someone check if MTV (Rock & Roll) Trivia (whatever the actual name is ) is working? I remember it was failing the game's boot-up rom check, but I figured if I had the wrong set, FBL would have whined instead of running it.
  7. Any news on vector games getting prettied-up/looking better than they do now? None of the options in the .INI seem to do anything as far as resolution, beam width, etc. :/
  8. At the moment, I'm using just a cheap 19" Acer LCD (switching between the XB and this comp via an X2VGA+) As for filters/etc, oof, I hate 'em...I'm all about hardware Point + no software filter, and no scanlines. Back when I -was- using 480i, about 90% of my posts on the X-S forum were trying to get people to adopt/embrace adding the option for changing the Flicker Filter/soften filter in different emus/etc after 'FlickerFucker' came out and I saw how sexy games could be in composite/S-Video 480i It's weird...while I'm against any smoothing filters/scanlines/etc personally (...back when I was using these older consoles/computers 'for real', I always wanted the sharpest display possible at the time), I -also- like some of the convincingly good aperture/RGB dot/etc filters that are out there for MAME/FBA. Another filter I also dig is the 'NTSC' filter that's in NestopiaX and MadMab's update of AtariXLbox...although I don't think I'd seriously play through something for a long time with it on. With the HLSL stuff recently added to the PC version of MAME though, I'm already seeing a lot of gross screenshots from people who think that arcade monitors were almost fisheye/peephole shaped and had darkened scanlines thicker than the visible rows of pixels.
  9. Yeah, I'm probably not the best person to review these. I still don't know how resizing a screen to be 'pixel perfect' could be anything other than 1x/2x/3x/4x/anyotherInteger * the emulated game's actual output resolution. In 480P, no amount of fiddling with the 10x11 and Widescreen Fix options made the few games I tried show no scaling artifacts -AND- show the entire screen. I don't know if it's my setup or how the .INIs are, but the first example I ran into was 1941, where yes, the scrolling was nice and smooth with no artifacts, but the top (score area) and bottom (VITAL/lives/ROLL area) of the game's screen were way past the edges of the visible area of the monitor itself. Since I'm not playing on a 4:3/3:4 CRT, but on a 16:10 VGA monitor, I just end up running everything in 720P and scaling w/correct aspect, and I just deal with the alternating-size pixels caused by the scaling :/
  10. Anyone else get slow, stuttering sound in 1942? For me, it's noticeable at the very start of the game when it plays the little tune during & after takeoff. (game itself is running at 59.9~/60fps)
  11. Actual arcade hardware Double Dragon does indeed have slowdown when it gets crowded...earliest place to majorly see this is when the first Abobo breaks out. IMO this is how it should be No overclocking of CPUs to smooth stuff up...that makes it a different game basically
  12. Awesome Is there an option to automatically flip controls when the Screen Flip filter is used, though (instead of having to change the controls manually each time)?
  13. CPS stuff wasn't 'widescreen'...yes, the resolution isn't a 4:3 ratio, but the games used 4:3 monitors. ...anyway, doesn't turning on the equivalent of 'Maintain Aspect Ratio/Aspect Ratio Correction'/etc (not sure of the setting right now) already run stuff in its intended original 4:3/etc aspect?
  14. So, is there an answer yet as to why you're making it require console ROMs? ...would it be the opposite if someone had uploaded a copy with all the arcade ROMs removed instead?
  15. Oooooooooooh...wanting Resident Evil in CoinOps...it all makes sense now! WELL PLAYED, SIRS
  16. Since I guess you're -requiring- people to have console games present in order for the arcade games to work, will your upcoming XBMC-hybrid project include some movies and TV shows that you feel every user MUST have? Are you also going to only allow pre-approved skins that match a specific checksum? Someone out there might be using a skin image that doesn't say CoinOps on it! (O_O)
  17. Why not put the option under the normally-hidden Advanced Options? If someone toggles showing non-arcade stuff off...they know where the option is...since -they- toggled it.
  18. Errr...why would someone be angry about someone playing only arcade games? ...or even try to prevent that somehow? I must have missed something :/
  19. The main things I found neat about this series when I originally tried it was the high framerate coupled with all the different shader/graphical effects...depth of field, tons of particles, motion blur, etc
  20. In a future update, can the older MAME cores used for the Midway MK/NBA Jam games be edited to turn off the Soften & Flicker filters?
  21. You can also just add a 'source' in XBMC's file manager that points at ftp://user:pass@ip:port and browse an FTP in one of the panes
  22. 376,461 KIxxx_1.0_src.rar If you're looking in the 'usual place', it's in the same dir as the KIxxx_1.0.rar.
  23. You'll want to set it to like 80-90%...the sound in MK games starts 'clipping' if you max it out in the Test menu.
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