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Final Burn Legends 1.5

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88games gives me an error when I try to launch it. Its almost like a PCB debug menu. Anyone else have this issue?

Go into \config\dip\ and delete 88games.ini to fix it.



I quit.

I'm sure his keyboard is just missing the '1' key. ;)

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any chance of a filter that will hide the adult themed games? maybe the mahjoung ones too?

Very do-able. Though I think an On/Off option would be better than a filter. Filters are more about what you do want to see than what you don't if you follow my meaning. ;)



i gotta 4yr old so... if your able to turn those ones off that would be swell.

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cant get kov2p to work i know why every version ive got is missing a key file kov2p_igs027a.bin any advice anyone

you should never answer yourself 1st sign of madness they say well im gonna

just want say dont need help any more noticed one my roms had kov2p asic file so took a gamble renamed it kov2p_igs027a.bin

on my pc and it worked a treat

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EDIT: Figured out the answer to my question.


Again, a tremendous thanks to +T+, iq_132, kenshiro, everyone else mentioned in the latest readme, and...last but not least.. nes6502 for porting such a great app to the Xbox game system.

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SF the movie - Fairly likely. I've got a partial itech32 driver already.

Kaiser knuckle - Fairly likely. I've got a partial driver for this too.

Astra superstars - Extremely unlikely. STV hardware's requirements are way too high for the xbox to handle.

Crystal of kings - Fairly unlikely. Porting the crystal system games would take a lot of time. Looks awesome though. ;)


What about these?


SLIPSTREAM - Capcom's only Sega System32 F1 game and exclusive to Brazil!

Rad Mobile/Rad Rally - CoinOPS runs this but the controlls are terrible.

Run and Gun 1/2

B-Rap Boys - CoinOPS runs this but later in the first level has gfx problems

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Thanks for the CPU overclocking option.


Since underclocking via manually editing .ini's works, would you consider allowing the gui setting to go below 100%? ;) ...maybe in 10% or 5% steps? ;)

That shouldn't be problem, but out of interest, what would be the advantage of such an option?

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