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  1. OOPSSIE; i see madmab released WRONG version of the HD COLOURS skins in snes9xbox v5 the hd sprites backgrounds doesn't appears at all in any menu! long story short: now with all those new cores, snes9xbox entered the "memory eater" emu category, which means the main screen can be 915*685 pixels max (which is still 50%better quality than any old xport skin). The "normal" emus like medna nes/mekax/game boy/atari's etc can have 1280*960 bkg... i'll release them later. here are the working COLOURS HD SKINS: http://www.filedropper.com/snescolourshd http://www.filedropper.com/snincolourshd WARNING: if you set the option (from the main menu): skin config/general/USE SPRITE AS BACKGROUND to "YES", the HD backgrounds (sprites) won't be displayed in all the/gameselect and options menus!! So i suggest you to keep this option to "off" if you want HD gui. Can you look at this "bug" madmab? (in theory the sprite should be disabled "only" in the ingame screen, to see the little screenie for saves etc)
  2. better late than never lol In fact i have done HD skins that works with all the madmab/Xports emus; in some sort the HD feature has always been here, it just i discovered it with luck using random numbers Some skinners tryed the "sprite trick"(sprite used as background) some years ago (cbagy,franckmorris even me) but it didn't worked because ourbackgrounds were too large or too height. for now i have 3 categories of emus for the hd skins: The main screen can be 1280*960 in most case; with the exception of the memory eaters emus (neogenesis,winuaex,winstonx,dosxbox,bluemsx AND NOW SNES9XBOX!!); in theyr case the main screen can be 1068*800 or 915*685 pixels max (wich is still 50% better quality than any old Xport's skins). . Be aware the gameselect screen can have a max screensize of 915*685 (or else the emu won't display the background or will crash). So finally i'll release this pack of HD skins at emuxtras (20 systems covered) since there is interest for them l@ter
  3. Yeah! Xbox stuff has never been so good! Congrats mad dog for this HUGE release, a real christmas gift for any snes fan (finally i have accurate sound core for super castlevania IV, secret of mana and super mario world! Another IMPORTANT new feature is the following: Everyone thought it was impossible to have a true HD user interface for Xport/madmab emus (even me, and even madmab lol). After lot of testing and some tricks i discovered it to be possible using a sprite trick, in fact using the sprites system to display backgrounds; and also using some special screen size numbers (the scale system is weird). I kept the stretched version of the 640*480 backgrounds in the skin root, or else you won't have the skin transitions effects (the true hd backgrounds are in the sprites folder). The main screen can be 1280*960 in most case; with the exception of the memory eaters emus (neogenesis,winuaex,winstonx,dosxbox,bluemsx); in theyr case the main screen can be 1068*800 or 915*685 pixels max (wich is still 50% better quality than any old Xport's skins). So finally i'll release a pack of TRUE HD skins in a near future for the other madmab emus. Be aware the gameselect screen can have a max screensize of 915*685 (or else the emu won't display the background or will crash). It's the first time you'll have a true HD GUI for a madmab emu, so if you have an hdtv, 720p output set for your xbox, launch the new snes9xbox and choose a true hd skin (snes/snin COLOURS HD), you'll see the difference. Thanks to everyone involved! p.s.: Xtecuter/XXXhellsfuryXXX, say me you have successfully implemented the dipswitches to play the Nintendo world championships 90 rom the way it is supposed to be played? (with a 6min21seconds timer), thx for nestopiaX updates coming!
  4. There's some systems where the displays can fit the screen totally WITH pixel perfect settings like on a real CRT TV: sega genesis/32x/sega cd most time games native resolution is 320*224 typically for a genesis game so pixel perfect on a sdtv is 640*448 After set the screen size to 640*448 and NO hardware or software filter, in this case (and only in this case) i use the 10*11 pixel ratio trick: the result is a screen with 448 pixels height (fit perfectly the screen) and ~600 pixels width (fit perfectly the game horizontally) also neo geo since most games are 302 pixels width native, on the xbox 604 is a perfect width if the neo geo game is 320 native i use 10*11 pixel ratio trick (and only in that case) for nes/snes/master system, you will always have blackbars on left and right margin if you want to achieve the pixel perfect screen , that's perfectly normal, but as far as im concerned in the case of nes/snes/master system etc..., the black bars are quite thin and doesn't bother me... You'll also achieve a screen that match the real crt output with pcsxbox since native output is 640*480, so with the 10*11 pixel trick again, it will works perfectly and also winstonX (atari st) as a native 640*400 output so you can use the 10*11 pixel trick with this one
  5. a timer dispaly like on the pc nestopia, would be perfect , good to hear that XT i know nestopiaX can technically set the correct 6min21sec game time because,: if you play nintendo world championships on nestopia on pc, then set the timer to 6min21 (like on the real us tournament), then make a savestate then transfer that savestate to your xbox (after renaming it) it works, you'll have those 6min 21 but for some reasons after launching the savestate a second time it return to its 5 min default value if you could add a user friendly way to set the dipswitch it would be very welcomed
  6. thanks +t+ for once again pushing the xbox to its unexpected limits ! !!
  7. Hi Xtecuter, good to hear for an update As far as i am concerned, Nestopia is the only emu that should run Nintendo world championship 90 correctly: in the pc version of nestopia, i can set the dipswitch of the cartridge through the emulator and its the only way to play the game with 6min21 time limit like everyone know it was the setting used in the tournament (there are 4 dip switch in the cartridge, and if you want 6min21, thats "switch3" on "1" and all the other switch set to "0") Unfortunatelly in the Nes6502 port there is no way to set the dipswitchs and we play with the default 5min timer, not enough to recreate the world tournament conditions. Do you think there is a way to be able to set the dipswitches fr your futures releases? thanks man, your work is really appreciated p.s.: do you think you could include Franckmorris NESMES skin since its SOOO much cooler than the default skin?(with francky permission of course)
  8. Lol, that's EXACTLY how i set up my pixel perfect screen on my sdtv (480i) and i noticed too, the vertical size of the screen isn't modified with fbl 1.4, i only have a small distortion horizontally i agree for been able to modify with the dpad the smaller modifier value when pressing it (it would act the same as the right thumbstick) it would solve the problem because we would be able to modify the screen value the more precisely possible and as far as i m concerned i hadn't any issue with my screen values when i move it only with the left thumbstick p.s.: dodonpachi 3 runs incredibly good for our good old xbox!
  9. hi ace; never forget your movies always have to be in WMV8 before converting to xmv i highly suggest windows media encoder for the "best" quality possible (even if the wmv8 is a crappy codec, you'll never have real high def movies with this codec)
  10. just a thing i noticed that could explain this issue importing the inis from fbl 1.3: the skin in the skin folder there is a file called arcade.ini wich contains the 4 lines mentioned above zLeft0=1.150000 zRight0=-9.480121 zTop0=-5.350028 zBottom0=5.270025 these values are differents of the values used by the default skin of fbl 1.3 just a clue, im trying to understand with you guys
  11. at least i tryed to send you a valid link lol have you tryed with firefox? the download on the site are working well for me (on the right side of the screen, the blue arrow..) in case that still doesn't work here is another download link for the skin+inis : skin alt dl link but to answer: yep; when I copy my 1.3 ini files to 1.4 it makes no difference at all to the screen size Your hard work is much appreciated just if you have time to check this ; i know 83 more purcent of the xbox emulation users don't bother with accurate pixel screen, they just fill their tv screen and thats all but for the other 17 % (me, Cospefogo, philexile,sparda,franckmorris,etc...) those inis files are importants to work correctly lol
  12. I understand +T+, it's hard to explain the bug we have , to reproduce: You can grab the skin i created for fbl 1.3 here it includes "pixel accurates screen settings for cps1,cps2 and near all neo geo games) fbl heroes skin page download with accurate pixel setting inis you should try with fbl 1.3 and see for example strider (the accurate pixel screen size is wide because the cps1 width resolution is wide) without any software or hardware filter you won't see pixel distorsion in the stage 1 diagonals platforms now if you try a "lambda random screen size value you'll notice distortion on those stage 1 diagonals platforms and even if you try my inis with fbl 1.4 for some reasons it's not the same results as in fbl 1.3 some explanation of the accurate pixel ratio here in the webpage of my friend Cospefogo: The accurate pixel ratio settings for our emus
  13. i'm having the same issues Cospefogo has: I know it is a pain in the ass to hear the same thing about those damn "pixel accurates screen" (pixel perfect isn't an appropriate word) i copied my pixel accuraates inis from fbl 1.3 and nio way, i can't have differents screensizes for differents games i can only have one screen setting for all the games @ sparda: you can grab my pixel accurates setting in emuxtras.net , my settings are integrated with my "final burn heroes" skin thx if you can have a look at this +t+
  14. no, it s really simple: only keep the defaultr.xbe in this new release, rename it "default14.xbe" overwrite the "default14.xbe" in the last madmab pcsxbox release with this new one and you'll have the pcsxbox with all the madmabs features plus the new reloaded core available simply press x before launching a game and choose the 1.4 core (wich in fact is the reloaded core) works perfectly
  15. fantastic works all involved you desserve a french kiss with the tongue!
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