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Possible sega saturn emulator port for xbox...


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i dont have any info on this but a video was posted a couple of days on youtube of an early port of yabause a sega saturn emulator for pc.in the video description it says that he is testing the emulator for the developer of this port.



like i said i have not found any info about this but hopefully there is a release at some point.the emu seems to be called YabauseX Alpha 6.

i have a sega saturn and in my opinion it has the best 2d games on any games console.

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Why not ????

Yabause in on the Wii and Wii is also a 800Mhz core with 80Mo of ram ... not many more than the xbox !

I think with VM and good optimisation it can run fine on xbox :)

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Its legit I bet, but there is a whole lotta frameskippin' going on. ;)


You can get a modded Sega Saturn pretty cheap these days. Totally worth it.

yeah i have a modded saturn as well with the modchip,region selector switch and 50hz/60hz selector switch,only cost me £40,great deal.but i would like to see this on xbox just to se how it runs,if this is real then it might run better when it gets released because it is still in the early beta stage.

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