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It's been a long LONG Hiatus since I last post here. I figured sooner or later, I needed to come back. Apparently, the great one (GameCop) has asked me.. no. demanded me.. NO wait.. "IMPORE" me (RDR reference) to get back what I used to do with my time and that's.. well just chill with you guys to help living things up here. Yes, I haven't done my part as "co-owner"or heck, I haven't done anything since the last decade I helped out with this site. Honestly, I don't even consider myself as any part of the 1Emu "crew." And I know, GC is still mad at me for not doing anything. But hey, life took over and I just can't help it. I'm more of a free-bird and tends to make random decisions and I have that "don't care + do what i like + <random subject>" mood that fluctuate time to time online since I'm getting too old. So yeah... I'm not gonna go through so many details or make excuses why I was gone for so long. Let's just say I'm happy with what I'm doing now and I found the time to come back because I love you guys, no homo, for keeping this community standing on it's leg(s).


Fact is, I'm always online everyday but I rarely check or lurk here. I'm just not sure why I ignored this place, maybe I'm an asshole. Maybe I was busy cockblocking Wizard (SUP!), or busy playing random epic-ness (IdolM@ster) or just being random in life. Who knows... who cares. OK, long rant is over.


anyway, shoutouts to everyone here but the big question is.. WHU IS GOIN ONN?

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Wow... Yea no one can truly or realistically be angry you didnt make much of an appearance. (at least in the 3 years I've been here) Life is life and you do not need to make excuses why you werent here. GC for instance is barely ever here. Gryph is busy as hell being a Doctor in training and even he says hi more than GC.


Um, not much is going on here. Since Around Feb 2008 the site has been slower than slow. There are a few of us left that try and hold things down. There are others that show up from time to time and say what up. Gryph, Superman

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@veristic: I'm not, look a my post count and my registration date, almost feel like 50 post or so each year lol.




@agozer: don't hate man, don't hate.


@solidius: JEAAHHH, my homeboy wea u been? avoiding me like the plague after those vanilla SF4 beatings *tsk tsk* it's all back to shooters now? But yeah you know we're still repping wrestling. Bout to hype it out from now on, every single event (TNA, WWE, ROH, UFC), you name it.


@bel: almost forgot your still here with that name change lol, yeah I figured things been a lot different but I'm hoping to carry on the responsibility in the absence of Gryph/GC. Bro, your the MVP of this place, much respect to you good sir.


@disco: I retired mahvel a long long time ago since the game literally is unplayable for me(teleporting, skipping, lag) on PS3. Btw, Your ass is long overdue for that revenge beating in mvc1 after that BS morrigan slumber you pulled on me years ago. You better believe I still remember that, shit it's like chink on chink crime in comparison.

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I really hate it when I can't appreciate a veteran returning because I'm the new guy.


hes one of our resident "chiggas" and fighting game fanatic. All you need to know.

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