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  1. Full 30gig build is the way to go! no doubt! Can't wait! Keep up the good work BP!
  2. BP. quick question. Is the FBA Core "more optimized" but "less compatible" than the MAME core? Do you see support shifting toward the FBA core for games that run slow on the MAME core? Thanks for all you do!
  3. Hey ressurectionx.. Is there anyway to get the google docs links fixed with all the excel lists of the roms/games... Maybe Upload them as a pack to Megaupload? Looking forward to Res2.0!
  4. Did you decide where you are going to "re-release" it at? Wanna try it out asap!
  5. I can wait for the SHOWcase Version! Good job Coinops!
  6. What romsets are you guys using for FBL? The one form FBA-XXX? IS there anyway to snag a more up-to-date .dat file?
  7. Well mine boots to the XBMC screen and I still have to select programs when it boots. But it goes straight to the emus in the program section. Is there anyway to make it skip the (Programs. Music, Videos, Options) screen on bootup and goto the emus? Also, What skin are you running fuman? I am running the standard PM3 xbmc one.. THnaks!!!
  8. Becuse xbmc is his main dash on startup and maybe he dosent he does not wont to start messing around with changing main dashboards. I like the XBMC look. Yes I have a emus icon undea programs. Then i click the icon and all my emulators show up. (launch them form there) How do i make XBMC go straigt to my listing of emus?
  9. fumanchu.. is there a tutorial on how to do this and make it boot up to programs?
  10. I am trying to make a user friendly as possible Dashboard for all the emulator for my 12 old nephew. I saw a few front-ends on here that look good... some great. Love the CoinOPS layout and functionality! (thanks BP!) I am using XBMC as my menu now. But i have to go into it and click on the emus folder to see the different emulators. Does anyone know of a dashboard that has been created to help incorporate all the current emulators? (NES/SNES/GEN/N64 etc..) Love the site!
  11. http://xbmc.org/trac/browser/branches/gamelibrary what does one do with these files? Is this an EMU-like front end?
  12. bluge2 Is that skin available for download? I like it a LOT! e-mail me (ILLTWW (@_t) gma1l (D_0_t) com
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