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If you're ever bored, this is my view of a great skin / ui for a multi-console emulator



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Here a screenshot cleaned from the overlays, and perspective a bit corrected. Should be easier working on this as a starting point:




it would be neat to see this for all arcade games... imagine having clean new ones and dirty ones like the ones you see at 7-11.


the dirty ones could have the following:


tagging, ie XIV, el barto etc

key marks

burn marks

maybe a filter that would make the tv screen having coloring issues from being punched too



I look at comments like above one and now think you guys are serious, when I though that stuff like cba skins where a joke, I now think people are actually serious...I must work with other people with other visions...work continues on in a new direction you have seen some screens of it....ill leave you guys up to this stuff but I must progress on a way forward, this stuff is mind numbling silly IMO so I should just ignor it and let you guys create this stuff im sure 5 people will go that rocks but it wont get any real downloads IMO and people havent proven me wrong enough for me to change my mind...its only been strengthed....I must not let the tail wag the dog...


Good luck guys if you have a proper thoughts on proper stuff let me know.... I dont have time at present to do this stuff my next project requires alot of work on a vision that is so far removed from this stuff its pointless trying to meet near any middle....there isnt any middle ground I can see


Best of wishs BP

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Hey BP,


I have a few questions and 1 request...


Q1, Does this mean that no one is working on the videos / screen shots for the games?

Q2, Are you still going to release a 4GB version and a 15GB Version?

Q3, If you are releasing both versions still, any idea when?


Request: As it takes you less than an hour to do a basic skin, could you do a basic skin for showcase than let other change it? (just so its released)


I am itching to check out the new version....




PS I understand if not...

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Q1 = its done and was done 1 year ago for every game (12000 titles)

Q2 = yes

Q3 = not sure as im very limited on bandwidth hopefully in next month or so....


also just use default skin and ask a question about how to change x.....specific questions about the skin...


but im pressing on with something that is much more skinable than anything in any other emulator and as phil saw yesterday its all ready usable and running

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Q1 = No, nobody made video's for CoinOp's, they were taken from many different sources. I heard he bought a DVD compilation from a certain website. At leasst 50% are piss poor quality as proven last year and for this my heart went out to BP and i was going to help remedy this for the community at large. The showcase video's will no doubt be Xtra's replacements too.


Im basing this on fact. I downloaded what was available at the time and was bitterly dissapointed in what i saw.

So much so and against my better judgement, i sent people reccomended set-up's and suggested settings so at least some form of HQ video representation could be made. Due to BP's piss poor attitude towards people i decided i wasn't going to remedy the bad video problem myself.


However, great emulator for the masses. Bad media and an ageing front end.

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all are way better than xtras.... all 640x480 instead of alot at 320x240 etc in xtras


yeah you proved it ... everyone laughed and couldnt see the diff link to the thread so we can laugh at you again cba...my stuff fantanstic lol I cant tell the difference thread


check it your selves both are out :( ... ive tried xtras from rx stuff so no as stated many times I cant use them its such a mixed bag some are good some are rubbish also cropping is silly .... lots of issues with it so thats why its sorted in showcase...no black bars etc...no low res rubbish...no pauses before playing game intros etc....



I think the Xtras are not for me you have seen me say this time and time again and actually believe I think otherwise......your parinod I stole stuff from you when the ftp where 95 percent of videos are from emumovies.com (everything was taken from here as is 90-95 percent of xtras videos as they look the same) and where put on an ftp for you guys not the other way around...you hide your ftp pcslayers handed over to you guys 12000 videos...man your a joke dude...get over it....its a pain you crying i want to help you...you need my help and clearly I dont want anything to do with you....please get over it....let the people decide the quality they want I think ill win over your guys stuff, ive seen the 100s and I mean 100s of games with issues in rx list that could be fixed in minutes and heaps of games that work(top ones ) that he says dont....I cant be bothered aguing, I just know in the end one person knows alot more about this than some and that person is sick of being told they are wrong and that people that clearly have no idea are right...I see you guys fail in lists fails of stuff for mame in threads etc and still tell me im failing.......piss off cba do screenshots or what ever you have seen the quality of things im currently work on (skin wise) it makes your stuff look like a 5 year old did it...and get over it im not doing it to piss you off im doing it cause I want it and I look at your stuff and think shit that stuff will never even be downloaded let alone get onto my xbox its just my personal opion....but hey release it just know as you do that I dont want your help...you lie have no skills thats what I think....and im sorry your stuff is failing so bad but due get some skills if you want to truly get reconised and do something


why do I have to defend myself in here when clearly your threads just fall away and fail..........i have said I really do believe your a newbe and have seen nothing to make me believe you have any skills....your gui is the worst ive seen in many year of dev work and yes you know I thought it was a joke...but now I know your serious I wish you all the best...

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CBA skin above




can you see any difference in whats happening? a picture tells a 1000s words. Make you your own mind if you can see it then its not worth talking about my end


make up your mind if I want cba help and if I should listen to his advice....or if me and the people im with should just think hes a small fish and should just do small mods and stay out of this stuff as we do think

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what are the "WARNING!!! Video Enhancing Effects"? and why are they warning?


That's a HQ effect like "2xsaI" or "Eagle" effect, using RAM, "Warning" because of the slowdowns this can generate.

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do you think it makes enough difference to use it? also, i have 128mb or ram so would i even have problems with it?


I'd answer: just try it Neo. I personnally don't like the result but you can make tests with it activated, as nothing wrong will happen, except slowdowns or memory issues (for 64Mb Xbox).

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