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  1. my vote: - psx core - openbor core - neo geo pocket core thanks
  2. BP, could you add the OpenBOR-X (BORX) to coinops? Openborx have a lot of good arcade style games, like those: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0rmmklvODM , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBfJfUBSmQw and there are a lot of games already made for it. I think it would fit perfect in coinops! The openborx (BORX) was made by xport and the source is in xbins (the folder is: /XBOX/Console Based Applications/games/BeatsOfRageX/). cheers!
  3. Hummm, alright! I'll check this out! thanks!
  4. Oh yeah, i forgot something: those games only play on xSnes9x v1 (only in this version). I already tested TopGear3000 on Coinops and it don't work properly. I think the xSnes9x core in Coinops isn't the v1. Anyway: Bp could add the core of xSnes9x v1 only for those 4 games. Cheers!
  5. BP, could you add de xSnes9x core? The xSnes9x core would be used only for those four SNES games: Top Geat 3000 Star Fox 2 Kirbys Avalaunch Nightmare Busters The reason for that is that the Zsnexbox (and Coinops) don't play those games properly, while the xSnes9x can do it without any problem. It would be the best! Thanks!
  6. Your idea about adding in a xml would be awesome, because every week new hacks are released. Anyway, here is my list of hack games: - SNES - Super Mario World hacks: Bowser's Valley Buried Treasure Dr Mario World: House Calls Hyper Mari World 3 Hyper Mari World 4 Kaos Islands Legend of Luigi Luigi's Adventure 3 Luigi's Adventure 1 Mario is Missing 2: Luigi's New Adventure Mario Wednesday Mario X World Second Edition Returns Mario X World Mario's Amazing Adventure Mario's Return Mushroom Kingdom Melddown 1 Mushroom Kingdom Melddown 2 New Retro Mario Bros Pandemonium Fortress 2 Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario World Beta Super Mario World Master Quest Super Demo World: The Legend Continues Super Mario Bros 3X Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels Super Mario Omega Super Mario Universe 1 Super Mario Universe 2: The Adventures Resumes Super Mario World: Bowser's Return Super Mario World 2+3: The Essence Star Super Mario World 3 Plus The Legend of Randorland 3 The Second Reality Project 1 The Second Reality Project 2 The Second Reality Project Reloaded The Unworld - SNES - Mario Kart hacks: Mario Kart R Super Mario Kart: Final Turbo Super Mario Kart: Pro Edition - SNES - International Superstar Soccer hacks: Campeonato Brasileiro 98 Futebol Brasileiro 2008 Futebol Brasileiro 96 ISS Champions League Classics - SNES - Non-Hack games that aren't in Coinops list: Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuuden Totsugeki Hen Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension Mickey: Great Circus Mystery Mickey: The Magical Quest Power Rangers: The Fight Edition Power Rangers: The Movie - MEGADRIVE games that aren't in Coinops list: Ronaldinho 98 Show do Milhao
  7. Bp, you're doing a great job! i have 3 sugestions for coinops: 1) can you implement save states (for the consoles)? 2) i wish i could add more games (hacks) that aren't in the list of coinops [like D-Pad Hero for Nes or dozens of Super Mario World (SNES) and Sonic (MegaDrive) hacks for example...] 3) can you add the NeoGeoPocket core and the PSX core? thanks!
  8. bp, thanks for the hard work i can't wait for showroom
  9. BP, you're doing a great job with Coinops! thanks! I have one question: i have a lot of Super Mario World (SNES) hacks and they aren't in the list of coinops. Is there anyway i add them?
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