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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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I have a Ver. 1.0 XBOX 120gb Maxtor Ultra DMA133 HD. Installed Evox 3935 replaced with XBMC rev17820-T3CH loaded on the E:\Apps\XBMC and using Shortcut.xbe method. Install CoinOPS Epic R2 on E:\Games\ CoinOPS Epic R2. I installed the complete file in this location and no other part anywhere else. Installed ROMs’ and artwork in respective directories. Set up a shortcut in XBMC to the CoinOPS folder. Reboot XBOX got to launch application using the CoinOPS default.xbe and I get a black screen. I have tried previous ver. of CoinOPS ignite and reignite with the same result, I have pored over every file and opened all the .ini’s to be sure that paths are correct. I have been reading for hours on end over the past week trying to make this work. I am to the point of starting over but I would like some insight on the proper way to install CoinOPS Epic R2 with XBMC as a dash. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :D

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nope...ive been thinking of removing screenshots for arcades for a long time....they are so easy to get....and why not support the epic pack and get all your games put in the right way...eg vids and cats



I have downloaded the EPIC pack with all the games etc and like i said its awsome and its now the only emulator im using on xbox.


I dont use vids as i only have a 80gb hdd and ive already got xbox games on there.


So what ive done is added a few console games myself that were missing and that i used to use with my other emulators, ive updated the cats. But suprisingly ive been struggling getting screenshots for these games to show, so this feature would of helped me out thats all. It looks to be a bit depth issue with my screenshots as somebody kindly pointed out, but ive since give up trying to solve this as i was getting nowhere. Its only about 20 or so games but it bugs me to death when all the other 1,900 odd games have screenshots.


No problem then, guess ill just have to live with it, still look forward to seeing what other features / improvments you do make to R3 though. Are you still releasing a game pack, any ETA on this?

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Reboot XBOX got to launch application using the CoinOPS default.xbe what does that mean.....need to boot xbmc then setup up the program / games folder to scan and find default.xbes on E:/Games then launch CoinOPS



Absolute beginner speaking:

believe me, a reply like that is really precious, because there is no way to understand how Coinops works.

I had to guess that default.xbe is the main file that have to be launch to make appear Coinops main screen, because nothing about that is wrote on any readme file.

After DAYS of hunting for related docs inside this forum or Google, still I don't have idea if what I'm doing (about installing) is correct or not because who wrote about Coinops seems to be people who well know what they do and how to install it, they (rightly) focus on bugs or changes and the searching for basic docs is despersive and frustrating.


anyway, if I have correctly inferred these are the main steps you need to do..:


-- You must have a modified Xbox (??) :D

-- Install XBMC dashboard on it (or a similar one)

-- Unpack Coinops on your computer.

-- Copy (using ftp) the Coinops main folder inside the largest partition of Xbox (in my Xbox v1.1 the largest is E: )

-- DEFAULT.XBE is the main file that have to be launch to start Coinops

-- If you want Coinops as your main dashboard you have to create a shortcut of default.xbe file ....

(the *how* is this is still a mistery here. Now I'm going to try what you just wrote above..)

...otherwise you can make it run using a file manager, moving inside E:\\Coinops folder and running default.xbe by hand (??) <_<

-- Disable the info tracking to dramatically reduce the game loading time **pressing BACK and START together** and entering in the advanced menu.


what's wrong/missing?


I well understand the above looks like extremly boring for who of you are use to focus on deeper sides of Coinops,

but unless the philosophy is "less than we are, better is", I hope some simple "coinops for dummies" lines will be added on the README file in next Coinops release.

I would be happy to help in this, but as you can see I still do not know how to do it, and my English is shameful.

Anyway I hope my post will be helpful for someone else, total newbie as me.


For everything else, I have only GREAT COMPLIMENTS to be done. Coinops is a wonderful creation to recycle the old xbox, TNX!! :(

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OK preparing CoinOPS EPIC R3 for BETA..... :D


ill bug bash the saves etc for everyone and now you can simply set all Console games to keep the correct aspect :( and it will know weather your in HD or SD and adjust every single console game to be aspect correct....just turn it on in settings and bam its all done...there are some other improvements as well


fixed some new arcade games for the upcoming EPIC EXPANSIONS

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hmmm exactly tell me what you want to do


Boot CoinOPS though XBMC

CoinOPS only so boot into CoinOPS?


ill tell you the steps


I would LOVE to know both of them , but you can choose the shorter one.

Your answer will help some other newbie for sure.


Thanks for your time.

I understand that this is the kind of requests that get boring, so thanks again.

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I'm a newbie myself, but it really doesn't get any easier than CoinOPS.


Yes, you must have a modified Xbox. Buy one second hand, and make sure you get one with atleast 100 GB storage, or you'll regret it later. In sweden where I live you'll have to pay around £50 for that.


Download XBMC, burn it to a DVD and run it in your Xbox.


Unzip CoinOPS Epic.


Transfer CoinOPS Epic to your Xbox. This manual looks complicated, but just do as it says and you'll see it's actually quite easy:




Delete TDATA and UDATA inder E: on your Xbox.


Run default.xbe


The rest is in docs included.

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