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  1. And... I"M BACK! lol Sorry I've been gone for so long but I have recently hit the brick wall of revelations. All of this retro gaming through CoinOPS and other emus felt great but something was always missing. It just didn't feel right playing these games, or shall I say "roms", through emulation software rather than the real thing. And NO, you do not get any credit for this direction I have taken Sparda But my friend and I have recently been bitten by the "retro" bug! We have both been digging out the old consoles, scrubing them clean, buying new ones, and stocking up and TONS of classic games. I recently bought a Saturn (modded) but then realised that I would rather own the actual games than to be playing burned copies. And thus, my Saturn collection begins I will still use CoinOPS for sure but probably (very likely) only for Arcade games. I'm not going to go out and buy a Neo Geo cab and the carts... or am I!?!? lol no, I'm not. Maybe one day though. We can all dream lol. So PHil my setup has been altered again and again. I have more shelves to house all of these games I've been buying and I'm pretty sure I've spoke about the crt tv I'm now using for my old consoles. But I'm sure it's still not good enough for you Sparda lol I like you Anyways, I still want to squish this bug on the rotating shmups!
  2. Sorry it's taking me so long to take more pics. I've been adding to my setup. I actually have an additional 27" TV now (CRT) to the left of this setup. That TV is going to be for older consoles or possibly just Sega consoles (Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast). I'm trying to finish things up this weekend. May hang something on my bare walls too cause it looks blah to me lol. I got some Left 4 Dead movie posters I have never hung up so I may get those framed and put up
  3. Just picked up my first issue of Retro Gamer yesterday lol. I shall read it today at lunch Next step is convincing myself to fork out the dough for the subscription... $120 lol
  4. Sure I'll help test this. Really want to utilize my tv in portrait mode with CoinOPS and all the great shmups Thanks for the link. I'll look into that should I come across any other titles that aren't rotating. I've also realised that I will not be using the "Auto Rotate" feature with my tv in portrait mode since the controls rotate with it, making it extrememly difficult to play games lol. Now if we could have a seperate option to keep controls from rotating (BP you hearing this? lol)... Phil, what was weird about those Striker games is that the video preview rotated when I enabled that option leading me to believe that the game would rotate also but it didn't. So if it is not suppose to be a vertical game then the preview shouldn't rotate. So BP, which of these ideas/feature requests/fixes seems more feasible: 1. Fix the odd pixel tearing when vertical games are rotated or displayed in a side screen mounted mode. 2. Add an option to not have the controls rotate when "Auto Rotate Vertical Games" is enabled. 3. Create a vertical GUI for CoinOPS when the screen is mounted on the side so everything is not stretched and distorted, making it difficult to read. **The options menu (press start menu) also needs to rotate when screen mounting is enabled because currently it does not** Maybe all 3...?
  5. I'll try it tonight in 480p. It would be really cool if we could hammer out this little annoying issue. Everything else is working great BP I also noticed that other games I tried when just using the "auto rotate" feature did actually rotate. So maybe it was just a few games having problems and I can't remember which ones it was lol. I remember seeing the "Psyiko" showing up in the first screens so I'm thinking it was the Striker series.
  6. Here are the pics Here is DoDonPachi running with Perfect Pixel AutoFit (aka x3), no antialiasing, and 0 flicker in portrait mode (by using the screen mounting option and rotating my tv). I did notice something odd happening to the graphics in portrait mode though. Top of the screen where the odd pixel tearing appears most prominent: Bottom of the screen where it appears less prominent: Now here is a shot of the same game running in landscape mode with my tv rotated back (still Pixel Perfect Auto Fit): Notice that in landscape, the tearing does not happen and the game looks great with pixel perfect auto fit. Just a lot smaller BP do you think you could fix this odd graphical glitch that appears to only be happening when you mount the screen on the side? My tv is a 32in LCD running CoinOPS in 720p. Or is there a setting/option that I am missing? lol I ask that a lot BONUS PIC!!! lol This is my modified X-Arcade stick and the laptop platform I also modified to hold it. It's on wheels so I can pull it out in front of my tv when I want to or store it away on the side of my room. There are some corner "L" brackets with padding on them helping hold the X-Arcade in place (2 side, 2 back). But they aren't attached so I can remove the X-Arcade easily should I want the cart for something else.
  7. Their website says it costs around $120 for a year subscription now (at least for us in the states). Cheaper for UK.
  8. Saw this at Borders once. Definitely will look into it more
  9. BP this topic is for Dragon's Lair and CoinOPS 2.
  10. Agreed. Dragon's Lair in CoinOPS. Please continue
  11. The people that come in here and defend BP to the death typically have fewer than 50 posts. They probably see a single comment directed at BP, take it WAY out of context by disregarding/ignoring what BP has said leading up to that comment, and then formulate this "You're the best BP. Haters gonna hate!!!!" attitude. None of this bickering/bashing should be happening in the first place and from either side. Its easy to see why it does though. Like BP said, "misinformation". But maybe this "misinformation" is also coming from a source where he least expects it: himself.
  12. Hey BP, remember that issue I had with DoDonPachi saying it was "out of memory" when I tried running the game and you said it should be set up to work from the beginning? CoinOps 2 FULL version has the same issue, at least for me. I know what I have to do to fix it (edit the virtual memory file) but why is this not working from the get go? Is my xbox different than others/yours? Does anyone else have this issue or am I missing something, some option, something simple that others know about.
  13. Do you know why the "Auto Rotate Vertical Games" wasn't working? And if I can get it to work, is it possible to have the controls not rotate? So that I can rotate my screen myself of course
  14. Any ideas BP? Help would be nice Also... I've read the Read Me! lol ...probably read that damn thing like a million times. Still can only understand like half of it. lol j/k
  15. I picture the "Butthurt Dweller" when I try to picture what you look like Sparda due to how smug you sound. All kidding aside, you come across as an ass sometimes Here's to hoping that I'm wrong. I'll humor you and respond as if you care and are being constructive I'm not at home so no I can not post pics of this in action. I was using the "Pixel Perfect x3" while vertical and it looked great to me (again, this is where you are probably saying "Pssh, what a noob. I know what's best. My own opinion."). There were some black bars still above and below but that is expected. I've got all my emulators set up to be pixel perfect (Fancy Xbox) in 720p. I currently do not feel the need to add scanlines and am happy with the outcome.
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