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    ARCADE64 0.230

    I wasn't aware that only correctly working games should be on the list. There are plenty of games that don't work correctly but are still in the list. Do you mean games that don't work at all maybe?
  2. Imgema

    ARCADE64 0.230

    I noticed quite a few CHD games are missing from the list. In version 0.217 (the last i used) there are 711 games total but in version 0.30 there are only 691. Missing games include Mad Dog Mcree and others. Is this intentional?
  3. That's unfortunate. Thanks for the response.
  4. Later MAME versions have changed the way the history of a game is displayed, for the worst IMO. Instead of showing it when you click the main/parent rom, like it used to, it only shows it on the original (i assume) version of a game. So if you want to read about the trivia/history of a game, you have to look for the original, usually Japan version of the rom, somewhere in the clones list because the parent isn't the original version, it's always the later version of a game/rom and most of the time it's the English version. This is very inconvenient. Not only because the parent rom is usually the best version to play (so you don't have to click anywhere else) but also because some people, like myself, choose to filter clones and only display parents so you always have the only version you need and not have, like, thousands of different versions on display. But if you do this then you lose access to this information, basically. Since you have to click on a clone to see the main information/history. Can this be changed somehow and be able to reed all the information when you click on the parent rom? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the response. Is there anything that mentions other stuff like how Arcade doesn't include mechanical games or fruit slots? I wonder if there are more things that are scrapped. Seems like it doesn't include MESS also.
  6. I'm trying to decide what MAME variant i should use and Arcade seems like a very good one but i'd like to know all the differences it has with the regular MAMEUI. Can't seem to find a FAQ anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm upgrading my emulators and decided that its time to upgrade to CoinOPS EPIC from the old GOLD version i'm using (even though i am very happy with it). One thing i noticed about EPIC is that it takes about 3-4 times longer to load the same roms compared to Gold. It goes like this: I click on a game to load and it takes about 5-6 seconds before it quits the GUI while with Gold it was instant. Then i get a black screen for a few seconds more, before the actual loading bar starts (which loads slower than it did in Gold anyway). This happens even with old early 80's games that don't weight more than a few kbs. I just wanted to ask if this behavior is normal or there's something wrong with my setup. Anyway, i'm downloading R2 version now to see if its faster. Great work and thanks in advance. Edit: Oups, i just saw a solution in FAQ that i missed before, derp.
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