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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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im kind of looking at ps3 stuff at present....I should finish off that other stuff I guess.....but as I thought no real list of stuff people want just I want 300 more games....so I wont be adding to much unless the community does stuff....ill check in and see if people do and release a little stuff from time to time but im moving on now.....


I did test the waters and its plain to see most are happy bar a few things with CoinOPS....I would like to at least look at the new Cave stuff and see if its posible sometime....and I have alot of other code in BETA


as I say its up to you guys ill help out but most of my time is focused on new projects now...EPICs not bad and it can do alot more than most people know with cfgs etc.....


anyways ill leave you with the trolls for now as there is exciting things now happening elsewhere that I want to help with.....peace all

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why? I need reasons now....this is a 2 sec job...but its change for change sake without good reason


there is alot of I want A to play...and its in EPIC or change this folder or stuff like the above...all this stuff is easy but I dont see any reason or its been done and in the documentation.....it up to you guys to request stuff with good reason or I wont spend the time doing it

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