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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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nope no sources at present for FBA core....ill look at batsung as well if I get sources....it would be great if iq helped out as we know him and haze are the driver kings....im a newbe


right now im putting the ps3 work away for a month or 2 to see whats happening...so I have a plan to do this for CoinOPS (most stuff is in BETA now)


New HD only Skin with new skin features


Path for core roms

Save states for console games

Aspect correction for cores

Keymaps for cores


FTP support

fade in/out effects


ill patch this stuff across to the new build....ill also look at updating the fba core a little with some fixs like gunsmoke etc

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Back+Left Trigger=Save State

Back+Right Trigger=Load Saved State


for cores added


New GUI setting for Console Core Rom locations ... defaulted to d:/roms


scaling engine added for consoles and fbacore....can now look at inserting any scaling aspect corection I want, or pixel perfect stuff....

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Is there a way to change the name of the roms as the appear in CoinOPS EPIC, after they've been scanned? I've added a number of roms but I'm finding some of their names are incorrect and I'd like to change them. Thanks in advance for any help!


Ignore this please. I was on holiday for a couple of weeks and didn't answer BP's response. There is no naming issue with the roms that I've added. Just my poor English and thinking it was the correct name :) Thanks for the help BP.

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I want some help testing the console remap feature...its all go press Back and Black and there are the keys


at present it says A B X Y and goes for ever I want the keys to be just the ones on each console you want to change and named the way they are on the console...like psx is square triangle circle X not A B X Y...I have removed stuff like it allowing for 2 keys as I see no need for none gui stuff so you slect the key you want and press the key it should be....also it maps all games and all controllers at that point to that keymap for that system....


who can do the testing and saying button A is actually the circle button psx and only needs buttons left right up down A and B mapping for this game all the others are a waste of space and confusing

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