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Feature requests for next CoinOPS!


1. I want to configure buttons and game options(servise menu) when "FinalBurn CPS2 Core" is enebled.

2. I want an option to remove FAVORITE buttons, or option to configure interface keymapping.


Thats from me :devilboy:))

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ive looked at it and it didnt get one vote...so I wont be putting it in for now....


Er… sorry, I do not understand: whose votes? Do you mean from yourself, or the team of people assisting you, or users? I was not the only one suggesting the feature, and I never saw it being asked to be voted on (if you meant by users). Actually, I would bet that not many more people are asking for it because most do not know what command.dat provides to MAME (hint: ingame moves lists for many games), but of course that is just a guess.


If there is any way that I can help without having to do with programming, I would be delighted to help you bringing that feature in.

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Is there a way to run the n64/midway/ and other consoles roms from the f partition


the PSX files allow you to select but the other consoles seem to require the D partition even with the rom paths specified in the coinops setup screen.





I'm running CoinOPS Epic off of the F drive with no problems. You don't have to make any changes to the paths in the settings, just make sure that you're using the right naming convention when adding roms.

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