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Im confused (as always) lol


I wondered if the pixel perfect stuff is in the release I have or do I have to wait for another version?


Noob question I know but I just want the best looking and most user friendly emulator in my cab, and this is shaping up to be better than anything I have ever seen on any machine, PC or otherwise...


Will I have to wait for another versiohe pixel perfecrt stuff?




Keep Up the good work guys its awesome

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Pixel perfect is working really perfect.

I tried and I approved!


You just open the game and it is there very sharp and beautiful!



Finally we have this on the best Mame emulator on the face of earth!

But we still have few improvements to really let the thing crisp and sharp!



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R7 will be out this weekend... then im working on NEW Skin and Showcase....


a comeplete settings upgrade is happening this weekend...then R7 will be released


as for work it just has to go in right....make it easy and intuative for general users or else its bloat to me....ive never changed this ideal.....slowly but surely im doing stuff but measuring twice and cutting once

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added xtra settings page..... added stuff


Rotate monitor to side (beta)

Pixel Ratio 10x11

dpad disables previews for speed in scrolling (already happens for triggers)

3 more game rom paths though gui




any more settings needed / wanted nows the time....this will go final to have a new settings page in a day or 2 so if you want a gui option nows the time to lobby for it...places are going fast


also scan for games is an option in the basic settings now so you dont have to enable advanced mode you can go to settings and scan for games

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