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Hi BP,


Ya, some people love scanlines, some hate them. I guess you're in the later group. :)


I wasn't opting for the CRT effects. As I stated above, those filters replicate cheap, old CRTs in my opinion, not the top of the line (or even middle of the road) models that I prefer.


Would you consider adding a scanline option for those of us that do prefer them? It would be 'off' by default of course and could reside in the hidden advance section of settings. I think some people would really love the feature.


I'm going to take a look at the GUI tonight and get some notes together for you. I also want to work up a skin, but I won't be able to start until sometime next week due to the holiday this weekend.


Thanks again!



im not adding scan lines its easy to do but looks bad to me...or crt effects....why add distortion when you asked for pixel perfect.....wierd you guys want it perfect then you want it distorted :P


any GUI settings wanted? as they are being added

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Ah, OK. No worries.


I was hoping that we'd be able to somehow make a scanline PNG (one for 480p, one for 720p) set it to 50% opacity and have it just overlay on top of the image being displayed.


If this is going to impact performance though, its not a good thing.


Thanks again





I wont be adding scanlines at present as its a distortion..... maybe sometime ill look at filters but theres many issues with them speed and mem wise and some games are right down to the wire in 720p now
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Good to know. Thank you for the heads up!


I may someday get an upgraded XBOX. You'll be the first to know if I do. :)


it will impact performace alot of games wont work :) whicj is why I havent looked at the feature...I may add all filters soon though for the owners of xboxs with more ram and cpu speed....but it will come with a warning
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added xtra settings page..... added stuff


Rotate monitor to side (beta)

Pixel Ratio 10x11

dpad disables previews for speed in scrolling (already happens for triggers)

3 more game rom paths though gui




any more settings needed / wanted nows the time....this will go final to have a new settings page in a day or 2 so if you want a gui option nows the time to lobby for it...places are going fast


also scan for games is an option in the basic settings now so you dont have to enable advanced mode you can go to settings and scan for games

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it will impact performace alot of games wont work :) whicj is why I havent looked at the feature...I may add all filters soon though for the owners of xboxs with more ram and cpu speed....but it will come with a warning


Sounds good, there are many games that run fine with filters. I was hoping with this next release you could have one release that is dvd compatible. I'd greatly appreciate it.


Have you ever been able to get any of the NBA Jam games to run well, this is one of my favorite games ever. Thanks

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Hello guys!

My turn to post the results of my tests.

But first, let me explain the source of everything.


BP achieved the impressive result of correct and pixel

aspect ratio displaying on a MAME emulator. In the next

version, if you turn this feature on (it has some variants too)

and turn off the flicker filter, you can play your games on their

native appearance, on the way they looked on the tradicional

arcade machine back in the past.


But using the Pixel Perfect feature brings us a serious problem under

SD/CRT TV mode (480i/480p). All Capcom CPS1 and CPS2 games

(and some others) have their width too wide, and a larger part

of the image is cropped out of the screen.


Then we started some tests to find a way to correct this

problem, and the first thing comes to our minds were the

10x11 Pixel Aspect ratio. As you might know, this feature

narrows/shrinks the screen horizontally without destroying

the pixel aspect ratio.


But, the sad news are that the 10x11 pixel feature helps too little

on CPS1 and CPS2 games. It's a pity.


HOWEVER - it is a MARVELOUS feature to be used on so many

other games, like the ones with 320 pixels on width. 10x11 corrects

the horizontal overscan caused by the Perfect Pixel feature.



Here are some pics of my tests:










So, BP, even with the not so good result on the 10x11 used for CPS1 and CPS2,

I think it will be nice to keep the 10x11 feature in the advanced panel.

It works great to correct small overscan on SD 480i/480p mode.


Take a look on the Gauntlet image.

The game is MARVELOUS now!!!


Thanks for everything,



PS. PhilCo my man, was out most part of the day today.

Let get in touch tomorrow!

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ok ill add the switch for 10x11 but it will have a WARNING!!! when enabled like video effects filter?



Yes, it will be fine to have a WARNING.



BP, I have a question.

I did edit my skin and find the part of the code where it deals with the screenshot displaying.

As far as I tested, when can only show the screenshots on a pre-determined size, the same

size for all of them. Is this correct?


Body.ScrollArea.SingleRow.Detail.Screenshot.Area = 254,3,574,267

(This is a value I am using myself)


Body.ScrollArea.SingleRow.Detail.Screenshot.Color.UpperLeft = 255 0 0 0

Body.ScrollArea.SingleRow.Detail.Screenshot.Color.UpperRight = 255 0 0 0

Body.ScrollArea.SingleRow.Detail.Screenshot.Color.LowerRight = 255 0 0 0

Body.ScrollArea.SingleRow.Detail.Screenshot.Color.LowerLeft = 255 0 0 0


I wanted to display each screenshot on its original size in the romlist menu.

The vertical ones, vertical, original. The horizontal, original as well.

And so on.




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Looks great Cos! Thanks for the in-depth post!


BP, do you think it would be possible to leave in the code for pixel perfect 2x overscan that reduced the size of just 384 native width games by 20%? I found this was the best solutions for games like Strider, SF2, etc on an SDTV, even though it caused slight pixel distortion.




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