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Hey BP,


I'm not sure if this would be difficult or impact performance, but have you considering implementing any filters that simulate scanlines? It might be fun to have for the users that like them.


A lot of people buy things like the XRGB3 for a ridiculous amount of money to add scanlines onto an HDTV setup. See below:




It would be something cool to have in CoinOps.


I could help you test/tweak this as well since I can compare the scales output by my Emotia/PVM Monitor and compare it to whats being simulated via CoinOps on the HDTV. :P


Thanks again, the pixel perfect feature is working fantastic!!! :)


Talk soon

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Hi Cos,


I hear what you're saying, but this would be a feature mainly for HDTV users.


The reason it doesn't look good on SDTVs is because Xbox outputs 480i, which has subtle scanlines that flicker due to interlacing. These clash with the emulator's simulated scanlines and make it look weird.


In theory, scanlines should look great if CoinOps outputs 480p since you could make a filter that draws a single solid pixel line every other line, so 240 gray/black lines. It may also work with 720p, but the number of solid pixel lines would have to be 360 instead. I think CoinOps could be coded to see if you are outputting 480p or 720p so it would know how many scanlines to draw.


If we could get this to work, it would be another first for a MAME emulator as far as I know. It would also make owners of the XRGB3 cry. :)


Talk soon




Hey Phil,


I have bad experience with scanline simulation filters on SD CRT TVs.

The results never were good.


And I am counting the minutes to test the 10x11 aspect ratio.



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I figured it would help if I created an example of what I'm talking about using Rastan, a 320x240 native game, as an example.


Rastan, default resolution:




Rastan 480P, 2X with scanlines overlay at 50% black:




Rastan 720P, 3X with scanlines overlay at 50% black:




Since this would work with the 720p mode, it would actually outperform the XRGB3 capabilities since it can only simulate scanlines on an HDTV at 480p.



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Hey Phil,

Very nice examples.


I really think it will be useful for HD users.

Imagine the PIXEL PERFECT + SCANLINES on 720p/HD modes.

It will be superb.


It gives me some hope of happiness on the future day when

I will be forced to migrate to LCD's and things like that.

(Our CRTs will not last forever, ha ha)


BP my man, I think this could be a nice addon

for the HD users. I am not using it now, but I might be

in the future.


I like this feature.

I am on it.

Are you too?





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Also, they are replicating cheap CRTs. I have two Sony PVM20m4u studio monitors and they do not exhibit any of the ghosting or muted colors that are shown here. New arcade machine screens don't look this bad. If they have been in constant use for over 20 years, then they probably do, but that's not necessarily something you want to emulate. :)


I'm more impressed with this set of filters, but again, these aren't for arcade. http://www.fly.net/~ant/libs/ntsc.html

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