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  1. What was the art like? Nice looking like Street Fighter Alpha/King of Fighters? or something photorealistic? 3D?
  2. Probably when the Genesis torrent got taken down - also, there more seeders than downloaders so getting your ratio up is fairly hard unless you start torrenting non-Rx stuff. He probably just got the warning message - he'll have 23(?) days or whatever it is to get his ratio up to .3.
  3. mtx


    I didn't say it was complicated - I was implying that it's just more convenient to have them behind one frontend. Besides, if people choose to use Coinops and emulators what does it really matter?
  4. mtx


    At first I thought it was a bit crazy to put the console support in Coinops but the more I think about it, the more I like it. You don't have to exit out of an emulator and startup a new one and you don't have to configure each one to your preferences - it really is good for n00bs like kids who aren't aware of CPS2, TG16, etc as mentioned by BP. Also, if people don't like them that can just ignore them and use Madmab's revamped Xport emus or nes6502's fantastic emu ports. Coinops is more like a general game center where non-hardcore-gamers can just get in and play almost anything from 1970-200x.
  5. Ah! Thanks! I assumed it was just a cut and paste from the post at XS.
  6. I was looking in the official Rx thread at XS but it seems like the megaupload links are incomplete. For example, the SNES section only has links to saves. Also, there are no links to roms, obviously. Seems to me that torrents are still the way to go. Unfortunately, because you have to build up your ratio and there's only an average of 20 seeders, it going to take a lot of time even with UG's generous minimum ratio of .3. I could be wrong of course.
  7. Someone gifted me with 10GB! Now my ratio is ok! I'll have to do the same when I'm able to do that. Thanks!!!
  8. Wow! This looks top notch! Keeping posting these, Fumanchu!
  9. I have to say that R7 is working great for me. I can finally play Darius and other 3 monitor wide games at the right aspect ratio in Coinops/Mameox. Thanks BP! Looking forward to R8!
  10. Same thing has happened to me. I hope I don't get banned! Is there anyway for the torrent to be added back - with just some extra files? How can we fix this? Well a mod just told me that the rules are rules so our ratio won't be changed - we may still be able to seed the new torrent if/when it shows up. I'm seeding the other Xtras but no one is downloading them. This sucks. I'm not blaming you ResX - but the UG site rules need some changing.
  11. Aaargh! I was seeding the Genesis torrent but now that it's removed my ratio has gone to hell. What do I do?
  12. You can select individual files to not download in most torrent programs.
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