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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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I would love to see this soon.I have been messing with the emulator on its own and renaming all the roms and creating the vids is so time consuming i gave up after around 30 games.


Thank You very much for all the Hard Work that went into this.

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its always the same way :) with a release of this size.....and this ones a big one....massive one......


For big ones its up to someone to supply ftp and help reproduce what I have.....


im heavly working on new grounds now.....


so is this roughly 30gb's in total then? Also what psx games have been optimised if any? When I run MGS in Inferno R3 the sound is messed up but I can find anyway to edit the config.


Thanks and sorry if this has already been explained.

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only the games I selected got optomised......MGS wasnt on there.....I have a build with alot of fixes and alot of arcade fixes as well...ill probably release R4 as I fixed alot of stuff getting EPIC together and yes its about 20 gigs without PSX and N64 and about 30-35 gigs with N64 and PSX

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