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Final Burn Legends 1.3


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There are two remaining true programers who should be praised for their humility and their kindness, though.

Freakadave for preparing a new SurrealXXX with improved core and better compatibility. With adding "modern" GUI features and neat presets too.

Madmab, who has already updated, improved and fixed many of xport emus in addition to the new GUI. Contrary to the claims of ignorant lamers, this isn't just cosmetic. And he recently upgraded DosXbox core from 0.65 to 0.72 with dynamic compiler included. This is an awesome progress for DOS emulation on the xbox.


Without forgetting to thank Hyper Eye for bringing Odamex to the xbox.


Yeah, there's still hope.

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OK sorry I know cps3 working in final burn alpha isnt wanted....good luck decent people :)


but you know its just luck for my side...I type in random lines and see what happens....im lucky as its a 1 in trillion chance of doing it this way but ive done it this way so many times :)

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Sadly from Nes's last post over @ xbox-scene I think he said he was done, dont know if he meant that for good or only temporarily...But damn itd be nice if he busted out some time outta nowhere like he usually does with some emu release, I asked him if he ever thought of doing an updated Mame release but he said no itd take a year to do and he wasnt up for it....pretty sure CoinChops would have been replaced by many users if he did....Brit should of just stuck with a new Dashboard that would rival xbmc/unleashx instead of just ripping off xbmc and skinning/altering that...



ps: What id like to see is a coder (preferably Nes) make a gaming dashboard.., easlily set up to display any rom/xbox/homebrew game collections you have (no rom name changed required this way we could use the Rx roms) with a nice Gui kinda like flipping pages in a book pushing the R/L: Triggers each page being emu/system specific able to display all media boxart/videos/commercials vids ect. the whole cha-bang this would serve to compliment XBMC...and compliment the madmab editions..side by side not to replace either or...still wish Madmab would make his emulators be able to display 2 videos one after the other..then youd be able to pick what video plays first..that way while skimming games in the game select the video game's commercial would pop up first then the video ingame preview would play or vice verca.......

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Could someone tell me how to get the moves list displayed on this ?


While playing a game, click in your right thumbstick to bring up the in-game menu.

Go down to "load game guide", then select the guide from the list.

If you don't have it there you need to get a text file guide from the internet (eg, Gamefaqs.com).


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would be nice to have a true coder like nes6502 back on the scene but that is not

gonna hapen sadly.


What's a true coder for you? :)


A true coder for me?

That would be someone who can start a project from scratch -not existing code/program, emu, whatever- then write it

to work on an xbox. aka nes6502/xport. :)

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well most of the code in NES6502 is from iq_132 and its all over the place....nearly all xport code is tagged from PC sources.....please thank MAME and log onto there site they are the reason for these emus...


its a shame you guys think you know what goes on under the hood when clearly most sources are others....


I agree xport put huge work in and is skilled....but he didnt write the stuff to start with now those people could code....


also remember ive looked at the code...I know who wrote what and if you grab sources and look at the dates and comments you can see......please research it before you jump to conclusions you will be surprised what you find in the sources if you spend the time....you may find you where asuming things.....


but in the end these people tie it together and better serve people so I thank them....but really you guys are misinformed that they write this stuff from scratch.....its due to open source all of it.....


It sadens me people like IQ and the mame team...people like haze get forgotten these people did the really really hard stuff....the mame team really did the non pretty stuff and man we owe them everything across all systems today....to me they are the people I think can code understand hardware and software and get the things running out of thin air......magic those people are....


but once again cheers to other coders that helped link the sources write a bit of it them selves....vision it the way they want it and bring Mame etc projects to the platforms in usable ways....



Im out now you guys believe what you want......to me its just unresearched and poorly educated talk.........


Im out


PS Kenshiro thats my definitions of coders etc in bad english....moooo :)

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Iq_132 definitely does not get forgotten, nor does the FBA team. Along with him and the FBA team, the MAME team/Haze, Xport, Nes6502 and Kenshiro -- those people are all responsible for so much on the emulation front in general. The fact is, the departure of nes6502 from the Xbox Scene due to unnecessary BS has left the community in state of realization. That was going to happen eventually, because Nes could really do updates. And like Xport, Nes also had the ability to bring new apps to the scene.



On the subject of FBA, Kenshiro's loss definitely closes FBL at 1.3 for good. Kenshiro has the ability and knowledge to update the emulator from where it is now. He could do it rather easily in my opinion, but I definitely understand why he has said "to hell with it" lol. I don't know if people realize it, but iq_132 himself (who Kenshiro works closely with) has incorporated a LOT of new drivers into the official FBA lately (and he's still going). Kenshiro could have brought those over and made some more fixes in the process. No one can blame him for staying out of it now.



Unless some poor soul with the skill to update FBL on the games front comes along and wishes to get involved in the typical ego pissing match with a select few "Gurus" of the Xbox Scene, I can't blame the people who know better for moving on from all of the BS. I wish the people who moved on the very best and appreciate how much of their lives they sacrificed for the Scene and other people's entertainment.

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