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Final Burn 1.1


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Is there a way of getting the Sega32 games into FBL? Like "Golden Axe 2 Revenge of Death Adder" and "Spiderman"?, they would go nicely with the other sega games.


I second that "Golden Axe 2 Revenge of Death Adder" is a game I would love to be able to play. Drivers added to coinops mean it is playable but there are some GFX issues which spoil the game really. Sounds like there are major issues with emulating this game but one can always hope, pray, beat one's chest and gnash one's teeth.


Keep up the good work maestro...

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Yes. Final Burn will become obsolete when FBL comes out. I was just asking in case there were any games people wanted to be able play before FBL comes out.


I have a question for you nes6502. Will we be able to manually adjust the screen size in FBL? If not, then I'd like to request that if it's not too much to ask.



Also, 2700 games? Wow that's quite impressive to say the least.

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You already have the best ones in there, perhaps just work on Legends. Or else, the ones Fu and Oldpainless mentioned.

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