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Final Burn 1.1


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Final Burn 1.1


This is a port of Final Burn 0.517 and Final Burn Alpha. Source is included.



What's New:


-Fixed a bug that caused the emulator to crash randomly


-Added a new font system


-Added a zooming screenshot when pausing a game


-Fixed the Simple2X filter


-Remapped the Powerdrift gas and break pedals to the Xbox left and right trigger (Final Burn 0.517 core only)


-Added a core for Final Burn Alpha. The correct core will automatically be selected. However, if a game can be emulated in both cores, then a menu is presented. Either core can be chosen. Typically the Final Burn 0.517 core is faster but less accurate. The Final Burn Alpha core is more accurate but slower (and sometimes glitchy).


-Added support for the following games (by user request):


Turbo Out Run (Cockpit) - toutrun.zip

Turbo Out Run (Outrun) - toutrunu.zip

Turbo Out Run (Upright) - toutrun2.zip

G-Loc Air Battle (US) - gloc.zip

G-Loc 360 - glocr360.zip

Strike Fighter (Japan) - strkfgtr

Cotton (World) - cotton.zip

Cotton (US) - cottonu.zip

Cotton (Japan) - cottonj.zip

A.B. Cop - abcop.zip

Super Monico GP (World) - smgp.zip

Super Monico GP (US) - smgpu.zip

GP Rider (US) - gprider.zip + gprider1.zip

Racing Hero - rachero.zip

Enduro Racer - enduror.zip

Altered Beast - altbeast.zip

Out Run - outrun.zip

Shinobi - shinobi.zip

Hang-On - hangon.zip

Super Hang-On - shangon.zip

Golden Axe - goldnaxe.zip

Space Harrier - sharrier.zip





-All game match either Mame 0.134 or Final Burn Alpha 029706

-If a Sega game was requested, and is not in the list, then it doesn't work on my port and couldn't be added.

-PGM games are beyond the scope of this port





iq_132, Kenshiro, Xport, the authors of FBA, Final Burn, and all FBA-XXX derivatives, and anyone I forgot.

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nes whats your thoughts on add this core to CoinOPS? I have alot of code around this stuff and CoinOPS has 2 xbes one to launch the games and then the core to drive the game on completion it just boots the default.xbe again. If you wish to work together I would help you add the dual core stuff (as CoinOPS will never be able to run alot of these especially at the same speed)

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You dont let the grass grow, do you !




Nes, you should continue to work on this build and see where it goes,perhaps even get a good skinner to "jaze" it up a bit..Gilou/Cbag/ect..ect...ect.... :lol:


ps.Thanks for the release...

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the skin engine/sorting engine/tracking engine/fav engine in CoinOPS is miles in advance to what is currently in Final Burn. Plus it adds other stuff like commandline launching, videos, autodetction of HD or SD etc..... its just an option if you want it in ill add it if not ill keep it for myself


if you wanted it in I would just branch a 3rd xbe that you can control and an xml that you can control to add the games into CoinOPS something like that.

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wheres the promised skin cba ive been waiting with a halt on the skin engine for a while now?


lol. I bet you have.

I'll be honest, as always.

I'm not having you telling me what i should or shouldn't do. What goes in and what doesn't.

I'm 40 yrs old, them days are gone.

It's pretty obvious that we all have different ideas (visions) of how things should be.

Thats what makes human nature what it is. So it should be.

I dont think working with/for you would be any fun whatsover.

About as much fun as a burning orphanage.


Another confession.

I had/have no intentions whatsoever of doing anything for CoinOps.

I was using it as a rouse to confirm who your little messengers were. That boat sailed a long time ago.


On a positive note. CoinOps is really coming of age now and still growing. Stirling work.

Had many old school memories fullfilled.

I still make sure every xbox mod leaves with CoinOps installed. Always will.

Just a thought, if you intend on merging some emulator cores perhaps you should consider the

stripped down XBMC engine again. It looked very pretty and functional.

As far as use-ability is concerned, most xbox users know there way round XBMC.


I'll leave it at that as it gives you chance to showcase your social skills (which are getting better).


PS. Love the wind up's, always have. Think you take it more seriously than i do though.

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Cheers :lol: im opting out of this thread now just offing a service really....


I use the xbmc but voted proved people wanted CoinOPS to go forward first. cba I was only hassling you as well... ive seen many wind me up but in the end I keep trucking along while all the others seem to fall off. PS ill add in the animation to R4 :) I did put it on hold due to people saying they would reskin it (lots even said it was locked when i added all the locked stuff from mameox into the ini file years ago...newbes)


so cba I wish you where actually different from the others your experiment just ended up proving me right on my social experiment of you ( we are both old and wise enough to see though this stuff :) )...I think you know that. But I know your a good guy its all fun and games...


All is good and I hope all projects move forward, there is some top stuff coming along here for sure and many more projects as well. Great to see.

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Nes, you should continue to work on this build and see where it goes,perhaps even get a good skinner to "jaze" it up a bit..Gilou/Cbag/ect..ect...ect.... :lol:

ps.Thanks for the release...


Dont quote me but i think Gilou did the artwork. A friend sent me a mockup of their version this morning.

Its lovely, looks smooth and very in keeping with the original. Keep an eye out for this new skin.

It may and i say "it may" appear sometime today or tomorrow. I'll say no more. Wait for the author to give details.


PS. I appologise NES6502 de-railing the topic.

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Back on to topic....


NES - Always been impressed by your work so thank you for this.


I have a question for you or anyone who is in the know, is there a particular mame romset that this works with for example 0.134?

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