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So how many modded consoles you own and what are the modded with.


I own a Saturn modded with Saturn modchip and it is easy to install 2 wires and plugs in to board for rest works really great


A playstation 1 modded with a Steath 4 wire modchip easy to intall


A playstation 2 fat modded with the Messiah 2 very good modchip but very hard to install lots of soldering 24 wires


A playstation 2 slim modded with DMS4 EZI PRO SE Solderless for slim cases very easy to install and works great


A XBox modded with Solderless Xecuter X3 CE modchip v1.6 great chip easy to install


A Gamecube modded with Viper GC Extreme good chip only 4 wires fairly easy to install


A Wii modded with the DriveKey Solderless probably the easiest modchip I have ever installed and works fantastic



So had great success in doing all this but have to say toasted my very first fat ps2 which was a drag at 200 bills wasted. But being able to backup games is a plus to say the least.

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softmodded Wii that no one never plays

softmodded Xbox that also has a xecuter 2 in it but it was giving problems. I use it exclusively as a media center.

flashed Xbox 360. main gaming machine

jailbroken Ipod Touch 2nd gen.

DS with R4. my son is the only one who uses it.



got rid of / sold / broke:

2 flashed PSPs =sold

1 DS with R4 =broken

PS2 with flip top and magicCD =broken

DC (no need to mod) = broken

flashed xbox 360 = banned/sold


everything else I have or had is unmodified

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A PlayStation 2 slim modded with an unknown chip (It's not Matrix Infinity nor Modbo). Doesn't have screen centering for NTSC PSX games - which is why I don't play PSX backups with it.

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xbox1 chipped and use for emulation

360 flashed with ixtreme 1.4

dreamcast homebrew friendly out of the box

fat ps2 with swap magic 3.6

sega saturn chipped with a region switch and 50/60hz switch.

psp not flashed yet but is soon going to be,if i can get my finger out and actually do it.

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Just the good old Xbox modded with an Xecuter 2 Lite Plus. No wires or solder anywhere, and the pogo pins have never let me down once in all these years. All my other consoles aren't modded.

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I actually go out of my way to do as little modification as possible, If I can get away with a swap disc/trick or a softmod I'll do it. Not because I don't like soldering but because those mod chips are a serious ripoff. They are worth like 5 dollars at the very most. Especially since you don't ever need one with the Xbox, just softmod, flash TSOP, restore HDD to stock/remove softmod. I will do modifications like adding better cooling a lot though. A lot of just for fun stuff too.


The Saturn swap trick is a bitch though. You have to be FAST.

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To those who are experienced Xbox modders, is it possible to soft-mod an Xbox to run everything that a hard-mod Xbox can run?


If so do you think you can make a topic posting steps :P, my friend has an Xbox (still works, it's one of the originals, even brought the big control when bought) and he said he'd give it to me if I could do it.


Would I need to buy a HD?


To remain on topic...


I've flashed about 3 PsP's, only one was mine.

My Wii.

Had a PS1 that was modded (bought it in Ecuador, don't know what chip it had).

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Had a chipped Saturn, sold it. Sorry rabid fanboys, I can count the good games for it on one hand and most of them are NOT what the sheep like.

Sold my 3DO (Again!), like the Dreamcast I have it doesn't require modding.


Still have:

Qoob Pro chipped Gamecube

2x TSOP flashed Xbox's (I've had dozens modded in every way, but they don't count as they were profit)

Fat PS2 running FMCB

DSLite w/R4

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