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Favorite TV Show


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Seeing as how I just re-watched every episode of Scrubs once again I thought this would be an appropriate topic.


Mine are Scrubs and Spaced, I wish Spaced didn't die out after only 14 eps.

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Kids in the Hall

Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

Sealab 2021

Aqua Teen Hunger Force


Robot Chicken

Rescue Me

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Flight of the Conchords

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

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i really like CSI:Miami , nip/tuck, and family guy


thats to 360 and netflix i finally saw hero's...im not so sure how i feel about that show...too many plotholes for me i guess although i do get a giggle everytime hiro says YATAA!!!

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Star Trek TNG / Voyager / Enterprise \ DS9=meh

Star Gate SG1 / Atlantis


The Office


Most crime dramma / CSI / Law & Order / etc.

Las Vegas


Attack of the Show :D


does Firefly count?

what about the Military and Science channel?

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current shows:

Big Bang Theory

How I met your mother

2 1/2 men

My name is Earl

The Office

Paranormal State

various Discovery/TLC/History/ect.

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