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CoinOPS IGNITE Released


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I appreciated much Coinops Gold and i cant wait to try Ignite. Does exist a list of the new supported games and improved ones, to make easier updating the romset from Coinops Gold ?


Some games from your Coinops will just run better, faster ans smoother (just compare with Metamoquester).

The new supported games are still games from mame 0.84 working fullset (+ Street Fighter & Raiden Fighters 2 (2000). The set has been tested (one by one) and were rejected only all the unplayable games ( too slow even with cut sound) which used a lot of virtual memory (and some mahjongs, japanese-french-german-italian quiz haven't been tested).

In BP's final release you'll certainly find a generated gamelist in TDATA/babe... to see the configurated set.


But now you can try your Coinops set with ignitebeta3 (check PM)

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