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  1. I hoped Afterburner(32X) would work but again is the same as other xbox megadrive emulators... is this particular game only works on Kega?
  2. Do they release a PC version of the xsorR v5.0a? I sold my Xbox a time ago but want to try it on PC. Thanks.
  3. I dont think the original PC version of Final Burn runs Taito F3 system games yet, so how it will be integrated? Anyone here tested Darius Gaiden? Even on mame in mame360 it plays very slow
  4. Hey Kenshiro dont't forget me again will ya? Now that I find some free time to try to compile your sources -no luck yet =( i want to will rely on the binaries for awhile... PM please??
  5. XYZ drivers are more like cache memory used by the Xbox in all games to speed up loading and so on(Doom3 and Half Life heavily use this)... time from time while you change games, the content of these drivers are automatically deleted to be replaced by new data so its better not mess with then
  6. These are examples of drivers that would be updated.... Sega System 16 games since .84.3b doesn't emulate the sound correctly or have missing voice and fx , but is fixed since 0.90 version Sega System 24 Alien Storm a missing background layer in first person stages fixed since 0.90 version (?) Sega System 32 emulation is more accurate in newer mame versions Namco System 2 driver was heavily updated until now (Dragon Saber, Phelios, Burning Force, etc)
  7. Where can I find a changelog of CoinOps, like all stuff added and modified since the old mameox084b?? I think that's like three years since I last updated a xbox mame emulator
  8. I didn't try sdlmame itself, but an older version of xmame on xdsl in a 128Mb Xbox.... it really works, but even a simple game like r-type2 doesnt run as fast as in mameox version, so I give up the idea
  9. Thanks Kenshiro, but still no luck for me in compiling the source: Results Build log was saved at "file://g:\fba_xxx_pro_src_beta_1.29b\Release\BuildLog.htm" FBA - 5 error(s), 1445 warning(s)
  10. Not yet, I waiting for a perfect excuse like that to get one maybe in two weeks I will see for myself if its worth the trouble
  11. Yes, and the Wii also have 64Mb memory just like the Xbox, but no word about virtual memory, so maybe big roms dont work at all But the 729Mhz PowerPc core is faster than 733Mhz Intel 8086 core isnt it? and mame relies more on processor than GPU, so I think the only limitator here is the internal RAM... anyway let's see what's the future brings on this side B)Memory: 88 MB main memory (24 MB "internal" 1T-SRAM integrated into graphics package, 64 MB "external" GDDR3 SDRAM)[86] 3 MB embedded GPU texture memory and framebuffer. Actually has a little more memory because the main ram is not shared
  12. These are youtube links related to MameSDL in action: It seems very fast to me... I just needed to see if heavier emu drivers like Taito F3 and Psikyo SH2 systems could run at 60 frames to make a perfect judment... On a second thought, with Lantus SDL libs could a port to Xbox be more friendly than program with the old Mameox sources?
  13. Is there updated mame game drivers in this build? New games? What's new in this CoinOPS?
  14. I didn't open visual studio to visualize the project, I actually click the fba.sln file directly from this directory and execute the command "build solution", so I'm certainly that's the right directory I will uninstall and reinstall the all programs again to see if I gone something wrong.
  15. Thanks for reply iq_132, about nasm I get the version nasm-2.06rc1-win32.zip in the sourceforge site, rename nasm.exe to nasmw.exe and put in windows/system32 directory... btw reading the BuildLog.htm I see this: [ @echo off c:\windows\system32\nasmw.exe -f coff -o "Release\scale.obj" e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Filters\scale.asm if errorlevel 1 goto VCReportError goto VCEnd :VCReportError echo Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Custom Build Step" exit 1 :VCEnd ] Creating command line ""e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Release\BAT000006.bat"" Creating temporary file "e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Release\BAT000007.bat" with contents [ @echo off c:\windows\system32\nasmw.exe -f coff -o "Release\hq2x16.obj" e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Filters\hq2x16.asm if errorlevel 1 goto VCReportError goto VCEnd :VCReportError echo Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Custom Build Step" exit 1 :VCEnd ] Creating command line ""e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Release\BAT000007.bat"" Creating temporary file "e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Release\BAT000008.bat" with contents [ @echo off c:\windows\system32\nasmw.exe -f coff -o "Release\eagle16.obj" e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Filters\eagle16.asm if errorlevel 1 goto VCReportError goto VCEnd :VCReportError echo Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Custom Build Step" exit 1 :VCEnd ] Creating command line ""e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Release\BAT000008.bat"" Creating temporary file "e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Release\BAT000009.bat" with contents [ @echo off c:\windows\system32\nasmw.exe -f coff -o "Release\2xSaImmx.obj" e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Filters\2xSaImmx.asm if errorlevel 1 goto VCReportError goto VCEnd :VCReportError echo Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Custom Build Step" exit 1 :VCEnd ] Creating command line ""e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Release\BAT000009.bat"" Creating temporary file "e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Release\BAT00000A.bat" with contents [ @echo off c:\windows\system32\nasmw.exe -f coff -o "Release\burn_sound_a.obj" e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\src\burn\burn_sound_a.asm if errorlevel 1 goto VCReportError goto VCEnd :VCReportError echo Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Custom Build Step" exit 1 :VCEnd ] Creating command line ""e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Release\BAT00000A.bat"" Sorry if I pasted too much stuff to read
  16. Someone got this error? I just tried to compile the fba source posted here but an error ocurred: ------ Build started: Project: FBA, Configuration: Release Xbox ------ Performing Custom Build Step nasm: error: more than one input file specified type `nasm -h' for help Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Custom Build Step" Build log was saved at "file://e:\test program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\Release\BuildLog.htm" FBA - 2 error(s), 0 warning(s) ---------------------- Done ---------------------- Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped Btw, thanks Kenshiro for the tips how to compile yourself the sources, I'm very interested to learn how to port emulators like xport did. <mode dream on> Someday I will make a project to work on a recent mame emu port <mode dream off>
  17. Just try to put the binaries in #xbins, but a message appears "You have no upload rights for this directory! " If someone here know how to upload in #xbins this is the perfect time
  18. Hi Kenshiro, I did a extensively FBA test yesterday... almost tired me =) , and I noticed a certain level of memory leak in it, it happens when you exit and load a new rom in menu to a point where is no memory left to load anything... restarting the emu solves it. Somewhat big neogeo games(KOF99, Garou, etc) and Others(Power Instinct2, Shadow Force,etc) dont pass the loading screen ( I just need to open the dvd tray to see if it crashed and resets the console), but I think its all memory related problem. The PGM rom Kiling Blade loads, but stucks and crash in a "please wait" screen, Lansquenet 2004 enters in a grid type screen, there the Hsf2 problem too, but you already know that Tmnt sound effects emulation is way better than mame on xbox That's it for now Merry christmas for all 1emulation members
  19. Just solved the tmnt bug deleting again the ini folder, save folder(ffff0405) and overwriting default.xbe again If anyone see a inverted screen in shadow warriors, just flip screen in dipswitch option is enought to solve it. Kiling Blade stucks(crash) in please wait screen Some PGM drivers are yet not supported in this version? Knights of Valor2 and Martial Masters dont appears in rom menu Double Dragon driver will be included anytime soon?
  20. I noticed that too about BioMechanical toy... Something weird happened with my tmnt(world and japan) rom: it was working, but just after I delete the old saves and ini files, the rom stuck in a mask rom check screen the neogeo bios file 000-lo.lo always send a size error message no matter what (64kb? or 128kb?) I need an accurate list of all games in this fba version... the gamelist in fba source is already outdated... any help?
  21. Binaries are being received by e-mail =) Thanks Kenshiro I was using the old FBA XXX Pro 1.28 atm... so I just need to replace the old default.xbe for this new one?
  22. WTF? We are talking about Final Burn here not Mame... Btw, anyone knows if the binaries is already avaliable in xbins or other place?
  23. Is Sega Y-board driver(Power Drift, G-Loc) included in this release? Thanks
  24. Xbox-Sky is a private tracker limited to it's members. Xbins is publically available to anyone with an IRC/FTP client. I fail to see how it would be 'faster and easier'. This deserves it's place at Xbins anyhow. Yes I agree about release in xbins or any other way, but lets just help Kenshiro about how upload his binaries...
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