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  1. oooooo 720! .. may i please get a link to the beta build :]
  2. 720p awesome! .. thanx alot for your continued work on this great project! does the midway driver rollback mean sound for narc ? .. that would be cool .. thanx again!
  3. world of goo .. its actually IMO the best wiiware game released yet.
  4. thanx for your continued great work! don't forget to add HD to the list :]
  5. nice job! works great , thanx to everyone involved :] 2 things .. Super Sprint the cars still drive themselves .. fix is turn down pedal sensitivity under analog controls to around 20 .. and can we get rapid fire ? :] oh and what about the HD version you mentioned ? :] thanx again!
  6. how are the racing games mapped now ? .. Ivan Stewart and such ..
  7. sweet!! always look forward to your releases , and with narc!! awww ya .. thanx BP.
  8. try to get a quality set .. the original MS ones and the monster are the 2 best i've used , and i use them every day :] .. i love XBMC in HD! .. i bought a set the other day for a friend at EBGames (canada) and they were cheapy cheapy with a switch to go from SD to HD , they were junk, lots of ghosting .. original .. http://www.kanection.co.uk/images/xbox/hig...ck-contents.jpg and .. http://img.inkfrog.com/pix/playcom/XBOX_HDAV_PACK_001.jpg these are 'ok' .. http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/1386/xb...blelargerd5.jpg not great tho .. these are the best IMO .. http://www.computercablestore.com/images/p...Inc/WM-6884.jpg
  9. Hot Rod dial needs to be set as left and right d-pad , pedal as A ..
  10. Golden Tee Golf 2 couldn't even make the controls work .. golfs for you , never stops picking a club. has to do with dial sensitivity.
  11. Danny Sullivans Indy Heat controls need to be switched similar to above .. dial needs to be left and right , pedal A , button 1 X .. under analog controls pedal sensitivity needs to be around 20.
  12. IronMan Super Offroad and track pack (2 games) both controls are a mess .. dial needs to be set left and right on the D-pad for all players. pedal needs to be set as A .. the other button X .. under analog controls sensitivity has to be 5 or the car will drive itself.
  13. the controls for Super Sprint are a mess .. pedal needs to be changed to right trigger. steering needs to be changed to dial 1 is left , dial 2 right on the Dpad. under analog controls the pedal sensitivity has to be 10 or the car drives itself , which its not supposed to do. edit : Championship Sprint is Super Sprint 2 , same key issues apply to it as well.
  14. hicaow


    would it be possible to somehow mark / label the games with no sound so you know which ones ? the GUI looks good.
  15. please release this BP .. theirs tons of us that love your work.
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