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  1. emus which are ready for madmab edition?
  2. oh what a pity. BP, I sent a PM, I hope you answer hugs, Alvarez.
  3. and the shadows of the game Golden Axe – The Revenge of Death Adder already got?
  4. Hi Cosme! I know that is Yoshitake with blighted with dark pest... I'm anxious to see and even today I waiting for the MSX package. Cheers, Alvarez.
  5. are all 2808 roms, according to ClrMAMEProFBL.dat found in the \tools\ on FBL 1.3
  6. BP, would be possible to put to work the COMMAND.DAT in CoinOPS? be a dream to play seeing several commands in order to strike opponents link: http://home.comcast.net/~plotor/command.html cheers, Alvarez.
  7. Hey Bp, you could not make the CoinOPS R5 already compiled? much obliged. cheers
  8. how do I convert videos avi to xmv? someone has to make the software, already researched on google and not found.
  9. what are the games supported in FBL 1.2? have a list?
  10. but all brands of wheels I have seen for the xbox not find slot for headset, one can say if any wheel has support headset? cheers, Alvarez
  11. what are the games supported in FBL 1.1? have a list?
  12. nes, good job! interesting idea, ac3t1ne! support for command.dat in next version now! hoho. link to test FBL 1.1 please.
  13. I use the skin fba xxx pro or have to redo the skin?, it did not like the skin of the same engine of XBMC PM3 but really enjoyed the work NES. thank you very much
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