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Tick tock tick tock ....... It is about to end.

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If you stare at the countdown long enough you'll go back in time and have a naked fist fight with Ghandi.

This is true. I did it and won.

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Ummm, I lost interest :(

I was never interested, the whole drag it out and hint for months backfired.

It was not my original intention to "drag it out". Unfortunately, my personal life has been very overbearing, and has not really allowed me enough time to get this upgrade finally completed. Even now, I will be upgrading 1Emulation with great difficulty.


To be quite frank, it really will be a miracle if I can get it done before the countdown hits zero. That is not to say it won't happen, but we all know that every upgrade we had always opened a can of worms. Let's just hope we can hold the fort during the process.


Therefore, I'd appreciate a little more sincerity. But I don't blame you guys for being so numb (of excitement) about it.

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did the count down go up? I coulda swore it said like 5 days this morning and now it says 8.

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