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If I threw a 1emulation party


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rofl, we could actaully host Twiggyvision ranbat there. IT'S PERFECT. We run single or team tournaments, so we can have Team Fatal GC going against Team MobileMachine, which of course we winning that sh!t no doubt. OHHH, I take back what I said about G19's idea, we can actaully broadcast live feed via the cam lmao, it's too good. TOO FUCKING GOOD.

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For those unable to attend, I'm sure some sort of webcam could be used to broadcast the proceedings around the globe ^_^



We could all party at the same time and it can be recorded!

a WAN party

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I don't like to drink much at all. It's not really my cup of tea.


Besides that, if the money, and funds were there, I would probably strongly consider appearing before your very eyes. However, the odds of this happening are extremely slim. I don't have the money and it'll be hard to find someone who is willing to spend the money for each and every one of us. Perhaps if I won the lotto, I would set something up.


I would definitely love to meet a few of you in person. It's amazing I still haven't met Magnis after all these years. When the time comes, I'll probably even meet Gryph. The only problem is that I may have to sacrifice my privacy in order to so, which is a dilemma that I am still not sure about.


I'll say it again .. it's really amazing how many of you I've been talking to for so many years online. This place started in 2002 and now were about to enter 2009. I can't believe it's been so long. Hopefully, the future will continue to be kind to us. :)


Yes, as you and Agozer also mentioned, it would prove to be quite expensive, along with alot of effort to coordinate everything. It would be nice thoughm to hang out with the lot of you. Put some faces to names. But honestly GC I hardly drink at all. But for the sake of social functions and events... just plain party atmosphere and all, Id be drinking. But to hell with privacy GC, I already know that you look like Kevin Spacey!!!


For those unable to attend, I'm sure some sort of webcam could be used to broadcast the proceedings around the globe :D


Well... at least alot of pictures.


id be the first one to hit the karaoke and doing my elvis impersination.not good. :P


That might be enough incentive to actually GET a karaoke machine going!! Of course you wave any privacy protection while in plain sight... meaning the video would be posted all over this forum. But am I correct to assume you would be drinking? Something tells me the Scott in you couldnt refuse.




That's what Bel had in mind. Yeah, definitely not a drinker type, but we can still go crazy even without chatting, WRYY CHAT WHEN YOU CAN PLAY ROCK BAND? the revolutionized epic lyfe failure machine that has been proving to fuck ppl up like wiz for example. Can't go wrong either way, aside from that. It's just one of those get together gaming fest? LANfest? yeah whatever.. I'm down only for 3s, ST, KOF98, CFJ, anything you can think of that's not very fuck up (MK, SF:the movie, SFex-sorry GC).


G19/Fatal: no.. just no.


Well yea we could play mad games against each other... have a team system for whatever. But mind you, Id have other things in store as well. You see, I never been on a rollercoaster ride, short of some crappy excuse of one at Disney. Id try to arrange some Islands of Adventure and the like. Hell, Id turn it into a true blue Vacation!!! But... for gaming gurus. So naturally some of you need to get destroyed in whatever game, it's only natural. Muah-hahahahahahahaha


Really though, I hope one day something like this happens. Like GC said, alot of people have been on the site forever. There are alot of good people here. It would be nice to hang out with them, just as you would any other friend.

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I'm new here but can I still come? I'm s ure I can outdrink most of you. ;)


Ahahaha.......aha...aha. I'll bring Jitway, he can bring several bottles of tequila, and I'll bring many magnums of wine (Yes, I'm a wino.......I've foregone my days of hard liquor, but I still like my tequila as well).


FYI, bragging about comsumption, is the mark of a rookie. You're just supposed to outdrink others without them knowing you have a high tolerance, as you watch them drink themselves retarded.

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Things like this are always fun to dream about but as reality sets in, for the most part it would never be possible unless you were like shang tsung organizing some sort of massive tournament.


The funny thing though is that some people that are super talkative on the boards or they seem this way and that way are usually not the same when you meet them in person. I would LOVE to hang out with the guys here on the board but as we all live in different parts of the country it would be a huge task to get all of us together in one place.


On the car board that I post at, we have sections that break down into the different regions and different parts overseas. I have met a handful of those guys but organizing a car show between 6 states is nothing compared to getting together a whole world of members.


If it ever happened, I would be down. I would need alot of notice unless it was on the same coast as I was

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