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SvC Plus on Kawa-X (xbox emu)


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ok it turns out that ppl sent me the neorage version of rotd, is there any way i can use that rom?


neoghost i did all the edits that you mentioned for rotd and i tried svc as the GAROUP (prototype) but it freezes on the text, could you plz help me on this

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if anyone has the working rom and would be willing to send it to me sometime tonight I will toss it on emule and bit torrent. Im gonna be gone all weekend so I might as well let people leech some bandwidth :blink:


my AIM is GUnitSweatpants

What happened to the sharing?

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The xbe, p and m rom for SVC has been sent out..........


this xbe is edited for svc and rotd as well as displays the proper names for the other "banned roms" = kof2k2, mslug4, melee, etc. on your Kawa-X menu.


another note for some of you........all the edits were done to Kawa-X v1.1..........


some of you may be trying to edit 1.0........


if you happend to download a fixed xbe for this task........and it displays Kawa-X Plus on your dashboard.......it may be the one we created.


Just as a note for you the xbe we fixed is looking for the following roms.








notice the romnames are not the standard convention used in the emulation world but then again we didnt do standard stuff to get these working.....it does help you keep your roms organized without the confusion of "which strikers is this, rotd or strikers........."


the internal roms *whats inside the zip, are still renamed to the CLONE rom (the one that were tricking kawa into running)


and like i said the actual game title will appear in your Kawa_X menu.

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Ok, thanks to Chitugi's help I got SVC up and running.  Now I'm trying to get ROTD going.  I get the game to load up but it just goes to a black screen when it's set to arcade mode and a warning screen when set to console mode.  Anybody got any ideas on how to fix this?

The P1 rom used in the information posted earlier in this thread has that problem (no console mode).....it blacks out when you switch to or start up in CONSOLE.........however ARCADE mode works fine.



There is another P1 rom that can be used though........and Console mode will work as it should.


P1 rom (CRC : 1BD7512D)


This P1 rom is created by taking P1 rom (CRC: 841071FD) - 8mb p1.......


split it into 2 4mb roms and keep the 1st one and use it as your p1.


so theres 2 roms you can search for listed here.


if you find the first one, ofcouse it will be easier........the second one requires you to split it up (instrunctions/ app mentioned earlier in this thread).

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neoghost where did you send out thoses files you mentioned about earlier to? and if possible can plz send it to me and i'll post it right in newsgroup

We will have someone hosting the files soon. He's gonna send it to me as well. So people can easily download the files without any hassle. :blink:


Were also gonna have a website made with all of his information and guides put together. It shouldn't take more than a couple of days. :ph34r:

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Ok, well about two hours in and I'm ready to beg for help. My kawa-x xbe file doesn't contain some of the hex values I'm looking for, I think it's because everyone is using a hacked version. Is there anyone who would please e-mail me a Kawa-x file that I can use to run ROTD and SVC Plus? I've got all the other games running, I can do ROMs, it's just hacking with hex editor that's giving me a hard time. I'd be eternally grateful if someone would just e-mail me the hacked kawa-x, no roms needed.


I'm at xboxcavalier@yahoo.com


Also, if anyone hasn't gotten Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 up and running yet, I've got it, basically you just do the normal ROM conversion with KOF 2001. I haven't seen that one mentioned at all. There's a few different versions of the ROM floating around, I got the right one on Filemirrors, it's CTHD2003.zip, you just convert that into the KOF2k1nd.zip file.

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To your first concerns........no I did not tweak a HACKED version of kawa-x.....


i simply made the changes to a freshly unzipped kawa-x v.11




As far as crouching tiger........i know some people have done it and a lot of us have not since its not a real game....lol its hacked crap but its good information nonetheless for those that might be interested in getting it workin.


BTW........i heard that CTHD2003 does not have V roms?


is this true?


if so..........did you just use the kof v roms?


i could be wrong about all this since i havent really messed around with it.

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The CTHD2003.zip you download will contain v roms, but it's really the same v roms used in KOF 2001. There's also a download floating around that's smaller that doesn't contain them.


I swear I don't think I can do this winhex hack thing. I'll keep trying I guess. Now I know it's really 0.11, which is what I was trying, and I couldn't get to some of those values for some reason. Can you explain in some newbie type detail?

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