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SvC Plus on Kawa-X (xbox emu)


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Alright well then uhhh ummm if anyone else can help me out that doesn't disappear like that -- it would be greatly appreciated.


It all started when you tried to I M,

You was ramblin about findin new street fighter 'gin,

You was askin' all if I'd tried this and that,

I was up front and told you my efforts was dry and flat,

You kept ramblin on about this and that ROM,

You was updatin' you's P-1,

Then's you's when shout'n WORKS! like happy soccer moms,

Suddenly invisible you'd become,

You was out like NetMessenger over 28.8k,

You was OFF AND ON, ignorin' the rest I said,

For if you asked me for help after all this,

"Yep! I GOT IT! GET LOST!" -type of bullcrap I'd have fed.


Anyway, thanks for trying the file transfer. Does anyone know what Spanish website is holding some mystical aqui, aqui kawa-x-svc-too-good-to-be-true-flava'd link?



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Hell yea i'd definitely like the Kawa-X Plus also, if anyone would be nice enough to pm me a link to the place or post a link on here, i'd be really greatful :o I've been really wanting to try out SVC and Matrimelee for the longest time

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