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SvC Plus on Kawa-X (xbox emu)


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Yes, his instructions are the ones I've been trying to follow. I've used two hex editors so far and I'm getting knocked back. What's the best way to search for those lines?

Click back a few threads and i give some direction on how to pinpoint your search.

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Hello everyone.

For those who want to download the *.iso-file with SNK VS CAPCOM and Rage Of The Dragons on one CD (with boot menue) for XBOX, just go to emule.

If that´s ok, here´s the link I found:



It definitely works, I know because a friend made it...and I tried it, too... <_<

Thanks to you guys, he also used infos from this thread.



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I don´t think that kawa-x plus will be out officially because theres the 2 year-rule which nearly every emu-programmer respects.

But If you mean the hack of kawa-x probably called "kawa-x plus" then you should really install emule... <_< It is the hacked version running both games...

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Cool deal with that iso


Waiting on Gamecop to get the site up.

Everything else is ready to go.


Me and a friend made one called Kawa-X plus the day I got SVC runnin on it.

Its setup for all the Banned games, etc.


the plus pack that gamecop mentioned inclued screenshots of the internal roms for eachgame (so you know how to rename your roms) and also the P and M roms for all of the 5 games (rotd, svc, melee, mslug4, kof2k2). In addition it has a Hexed up version of kawa-x v.11 ready to run all of the roms and displays the actual game title in menu, etc.


Ive finished the "manual" its really nothing more than a few simple instructions for renaming some stuff since the emu is ready to play.


like i said before, just waiting on GameCop.....

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i agree, i helped out many ppl when wanting svc to work and all i ask for is just the kawa-x plus :)


those willing to send it, aim is PRican2510 and i'm on efnet or hell post it on newsgroup <_<


i just added msn messenger and the name there is PRican25

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