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SvC Plus on Kawa-X (xbox emu)


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Yep this new method works flawless and ive figured it out how it works so that i can use a different rom set for SVC.


That method with the XBE hex editing was originally posted to run ROTD and i have to say it works great!! FINALLY we can play ROTD on our xbox kawa-x and TV!!!! (it does freeze up in CONSOLE MODE but ARCADE MODE runs great!)


I looked into how it was all done and what all was going on so that i could have SVC, MELEE, ROTD, KOF2k2 and Mslug4 all running together on the same emu.


and I DID IT!!!!


SVC was mapped to GAROUP (prototype)


they all run awesome! even updated with the latest p roms (no plus and all characters, etc) works like a charm!


No more Text Freezes


SVC runs in Arcade and Console mode.


More details to come........got all this stuff workin late tonight (had to work so i was thinkin about it all damn day.


Super thanks to the person that came up with that method to run ROTD


without that i wouldnt have gotten SVC running!!!

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Use those following roms of ROTD :


rod_c1.rom (EC9D18C0)

rod_c2.rom (B1069066)

rod_c3.rom (7E636D49)

rod_c4.rom (76892FDA)

rod_c5.rom (469061BC)

rod_c6.rom (2200220A)

rod_c7.rom (EDDA4BAF)

rod_c8.rom (82B1BA22)

rod_m1.rom (EBAEC46F)

rod_p1.rom (1BD7512D)

rod_p2.rom (2AB0625B)

rod_s1.rom (C155D4FF)

rod_v1.rom (5C77A3FE)

rod_v2.rom (A9B7AF14)

rod_v3.rom (17AFF92A)

rod_v4.rom (BC6A091E)


Rename all those roms like roms of Strikers 1945 Plus predecrypted (s1945pn) :

i.e. : rod_v4.rom -> 254-v4.bin etc... rotd.zip -> s1945pn.zip.


Delete your former Kawa-X save in E:/TDATA/0000FA7E.


Then, edit Kawa-X default.xbe with a hexa editor :


Lines of the original default.xbe :


0x0013A678 : 0000000000005000000000000A0000006C9F0D00

0x0013A68C : 0000000000001000FFFC8EFF02000000609F0D00

0x0013A6A0 : 0000100000004000DDD4DFEF0200000000000000

0x0013A9E8 : 000000000000000000005000000000000A000000

0x0013A9FC : 6C9F0D000000000000001000FFFC8EFF02000000

0x0013AA08 : 609F0D000000100000004000DDD4DFEF02000000


Lines of the modified default.xbe :


0x0013A678 : 0000000000008000000000000A0000006C9F0D00

0x0013A68C : 0000000000004000FFFC8EFF02000000609F0D00

0x0013A6A0 : 0000400000004000DDD4DFEF0200000000000000

0x0013A9E8 : 000000000000000000008000000000000A000000

0x0013A9FC : 6C9F0D000000000000004000FFFC8EFF02000000

0x0013AA08 : 609F0D000000400000004000DDD4DFEF02000000


After all those changes, Kawa-X will launch ROTD instead of Strikers 1945 Plus predecrypted.


Posted in another forum.


This is the info that got me started on SVC.

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Unable to work SVC chaos Plus


I'm stuck. I did everything correctly but kawa-X doesn't read the rom.

I rename all the file on svc to KOF98. I split the svc_p1.rom using winhex to split it into P1 and P2. The P1 file is 1 meg and P2 file is 5 meg.

When I launch Kawa-X it reads the file all the way up to 224-m1.bin..


If someone can assist me it would be very helpful.

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I did everything. I went into winhex and edit the default.xbe and did save/change. I follow the direction and name the file describe on page 3.


Nothing works. I also was curious about the m1 file being 256k on page 3 that Soyokaze posted. The one that was with svc is only 128k. How would I double that.


Here is the the error message that kawa-X comes up with. Error loading game Press start to return to load screen.


Hope you can help because I'm stuck.

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which hex editor did u use coz,winhex does not show the values u wrote in the default.xbe of kawak-x and plz try to explain step by step.thankx 


I renamed all the files right but I couldn't figure out how to HEX edit the xbe either. I FTP'd the game and it works fine until the game text. Can someone explain how to do it or provide a link to a edited Kawa-X. Thanks.

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