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  1. can someone IM me on what site or torrent site to get it from? Trying on -sky but seems like it's dead. Unless somebody wouldn't mind sending it to me......i have cable so it won't be long. MSN IM = chitugi@msn.com Yahoo = chitugi@sbcglobal.net
  2. can any one help me with kof2001 and sengoku 3? they won't show up at all. Plus i was wondering will there be a project like before (neocvera, prican25, and some others i forgot) about hacking mame to play newer roms like Kawa-X plus? no need for kawa or fba. Mame On Xbox is where it's at.
  3. lookin for da rom, lookin for da rom. somebody help a bruva find da rom or im me ya nah mean! chitugi@msn.com
  4. wus hattnin my good forum. gotta question to for anyone to answer and it's very urgent. (it doesn't have anything to do with svc well sv part). does anyone have a playstation emu on their xbox workin good and smooth? the reason i'm askin is because i swear sfa3 on ps1 is the best alpha out there (next to dreamcast) and i want to play it on the xbox with all the additional characters that the arcade doesn't offer. Or is it just because of the limited 64megs of ram that has playstation games running a lil jumpy? Someone talk to a brotha. (if you can). Also, I'd like to mention that there is someone on this forum (forgot the name) that has a real bad a$$ capcom vs. snk 2 soundtrack that he edited. this $h!t is hot. when i remember the person i'll be sure to mention his name but for the time being, if someone is offering to send you an afs00 file for cvs2, except. you won't be dissapointed. Akuma X - catch me in im tonight (i got what you need)
  5. yo yo yo, I'm back to tell you kawa-x ver..11 is now officially a complete neo geo emulator. there's not a game out there that we can't fix to work in kawa-x. i still don't have cthd2003 but should do it today since it's so easy. Shouts Out goes to Neoghost, Akuma-X, Gamecop (for hostin this forum) and others i forgot to name to get this emulator the best it could be. It's official. We have the Neo Geo system on XBOX and didn't have to pay a million bucks for a system . KOF 2003, Metal Slug 5, Garou 2 & Samurai Showdown V......... I'm waitin for ya!
  6. hey hammer, i'll help you out. help me with the rage of the dragons and i guarantee you'll be able to play svc when i'm done with you. Also does anyone have matrimelee working in console mode and Crouching TIger Hidden Dragon 2003 working at all. msg me hammer the sooner the better. i wish i could put all these hacked xbe's and certain roms up so everyone can be
  7. i just got aol im. my buddy name is Chitugi16
  8. Akuma, do you have Rotd rom or do you have it where i can just pop it Kawa-X and play?
  9. can somebody plz post up a site where i can get rage of the dragon rom zip. i deleted mine after i was fed up with it not working and now i need it again. thanx
  10. i was tryin to do some funny stuff with last reply plz disregard. but anyway, i was tryin to post up pics in this forum (i guess we can't) to show you guys exactly what i did to get it working. but anyway, i have to appear on my evolution x game menu and i got the name of the rom to show up also. i went inside of the xbe file and got busy. heh heh. anyway it's workin flawlessly and now i will try to do rotd next. For people who don't want to lose their original roms like striker and rbfatal fury 2, simply put in another kawa-x emulator with the hacked default xbe and you should be able to do it that way. holla back if you've made more advancements
  11. man, i see i miss some things. Ya see how far team work can take us. i remember when neocvera just had a post and that's it. now i'm asking, is there a way we can have a complete set of kawa-x supported games with the addition of ROTD, SVC, Metrimelee, Slug 4, and KOF 2002 all on the same list. this should be the final task unless someone's actually tryin to work on crouching tiger hidden dragon . i've been away so if someone can somehow send me a kawa-x xbe or (and) certain rom files i need to run svc, rotd, melee & slug. email me. I also have MSN IM and they can be sent that way. help me out here. i've been missing in action. And Big Ups to the ones responsible for this advancement in xbox entertainment. One chitugi@msn.com
  12. sagatt, are you holdin out ? help us all we're tryin to get this workin as a team. share the wealth (knowledge) what exactly did you do to get versus workin?
  13. Heeeeeeeeeeeey I've finally got it workin' No not 100% but i can get as far as neocvera though. i can do the training but it still freezez on arcade and versus mode. Guys it is possible to get it working we just need to try more and more. but i'm happy for now because i know that it's POSSIBLE!!!!
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