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SvC Plus on Kawa-X (xbox emu)


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if anyone has the working rom and would be willing to send it to me sometime tonight I will toss it on emule and bit torrent. Im gonna be gone all weekend so I might as well let people leech some bandwidth :(


my AIM is GUnitSweatpants

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I edited the xbe as described earlier in the thread, the game plays fine but I get wrong voice samples and screechy music.


All was fine in Kawaks(pc) but i'm having these troubles with kawa-x.


Has anyone else have this trouble?


Maybe someone can post a xbe with ROTD/SvC/etc...



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man, i see i miss some things. Ya see how far team work can take us. i remember when neocvera just had a post and that's it. now i'm asking, is there a way we can have a complete set of kawa-x supported games with the addition of ROTD, SVC, Metrimelee, Slug 4, and KOF 2002 all on the same list. this should be the final task unless someone's actually tryin to work on crouching tiger hidden dragon :(. i've been away so if someone can somehow send me a kawa-x xbe or (and) certain rom files i need to run svc, rotd, melee & slug. email me. I also have MSN IM and they can be sent that way. help me out here. i've been missing in action. And Big Ups to the ones responsible for this advancement in xbox entertainment.





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When I open my default.xbe file in Winhex I don't have these lines:


Lines of the original default.xbe :


0x0013A678 : 0000000000005000000000000A0000006C9F0D00

0x0013A68C : 0000000000001000FFFC8EFF02000000609F0D00

0x0013A6A0 : 0000100000004000DDD4DFEF0200000000000000

0x0013A9E8 : 000000000000000000005000000000000A000000

0x0013A9FC : 6C9F0D000000000000001000FFFC8EFF02000000

0x0013AA08 : 609F0D000000100000004000DDD4DFEF02000000


Lines of the modified default.xbe :


0x0013A678 : 0000000000008000000000000A0000006C9F0D00

0x0013A68C : 0000000000004000FFFC8EFF02000000609F0D00

0x0013A6A0 : 0000400000004000DDD4DFEF0200000000000000

0x0013A9E8 : 000000000000000000008000000000000A000000

0x0013A9FC : 6C9F0D000000000000004000FFFC8EFF02000000

0x0013AA08 : 609F0D000000400000004000DDD4DFEF02000000


Can someone give my some instructions on how to find these lines?

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Alright, split my P1 roms..regrouped them and did exactly as everyone said to. Doulbed up the M rom also. Hex edited the hackawa-x emu (not the original Kawa-X) and the only stumbling block that I came upon was the last offset number..I think it ended in A08 but I couldn't find that and the only got as close as 13AA10, so I changed it, put it on my box, slapped the rom in there, deleted all the save files that someone mentioned to delete and started it up. It initializes ok, and then.....nothing. Black screen. Any help would be appreciated. I have been working on this game like it was the second coming. lol





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