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SvC Plus on Kawa-X (xbox emu)


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Thanks for the pointer!


I Work on it late yesterday night and got it up and running. The only problem I have is in arcade and versus mode. Is still frezzes up when text appears.


Only in console mode when you play practice it doesn't freeze. Is there something wrong with my edit in default.xbe for Kawa-X..


Soyokaze where did you find a P1 rom on the PC version that has extra hidden character. I'm trying to also get all the hidden characters.


I no this seems to much to ask but could you help fix the frezze in SVC and send a hack default.xbe at nguyen.t@comcast.net


Hope you can help...

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I have done all to get SVC working, hex-edited the normal kawaks and renamed roms to to match the s1945 rom and created a p1 and 2 using hex editor and it freezes on the 1 meg p1????


I used the same princaple on ROTD and that worked ahhhhh. Can any one help me please!!! PM me if you have it working and can send.

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i was tryin to do some funny stuff with last reply plz disregard.


but anyway, i was tryin to post up pics in this forum (i guess we can't) to show you guys exactly what i did to get it working. but anyway, i have to appear on my evolution x game menu and i got the name of the rom to show up also. i went inside of the xbe file and got busy. heh heh. anyway it's workin flawlessly and now i will try to do rotd next. For people who don't want to lose their original roms like striker and rbfatal fury 2, simply put in another kawa-x emulator with the hacked default xbe and you should be able to do it that way.


holla back if you've made more advancements

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