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Favorite game of all time?

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I doubt this has been done before, I know it's been with separate systems, but this is everything! If you could only play 1 game for the rest of your life, what game would that be?


I'd pick, Guild Wars.

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This must have been a lot by now. I dislike being limited to just one since the different genres have different styles. I'm guessing single player only and no online support so.


I would say WC3 TFT only because of its 50000 custom maps and different play styles for each one but that's kinda cheating with the custom maps.


So I'm going to go ahead and default to Shining Force for the GBA since it's one of the few tactical games I still enjoy and I must have replayed and beaten it countless times.

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The thread topic doesn't make much since, I would never be able to play any 1 game for the rest of my life.


I don't have one single favorite game, the conclusion is a bit impossible to come to, every game has it's flaws, there are so many different genres and platforms, that me having one favorite game is fiction.

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Just because you do not have a favorite does not mean others can't.


I don't really think that at all, I never mentioned anything about others having a favorite video game of all time. It's just that I have over 20 favorite games, I don't understand how I could come to a solid conclusion, when all games are of different genres, and platforms.

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