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The SoulCalibur IV Thread

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You're as annoying as a wart on the ass. Dumb as hell too.


Get back into your cave, troll. Until I see you actually making any meaningful contributions to this board, you're a about as interesting as worm crap. :D


You're right. I'm sorry. I meant flocking idiot.

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seriously. vader is MS to the bone. evil empire and all that.

and I really see Yoda breaking the damn game being 2 feet tall.

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Why can't the 360 version have Vader? ):P

it has to do with color, i guess. since vader is all black, he goes with the PS3, and yoda is green which is part of xbox's color theme.


some of you are forgetting the fact that not everyone is as rich as you or some people have better places to spend their money, so y would they buy multiple consoles just to play a few exclusive games. Also people need to stop the fanboyism and stop commenting in threads about a console that they don't like, then everyone would be happy. I hate how some people just keep adding fuel to the flame just to increase their post count >.<

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Truly epic fails. Almost 9Gb just for SoulCalibur IV?
Save data = 2048MB+

Game data = 6700MB+

People with 20Gb PS3s might as well shoot themselves now. This is for the PS3 btw- the Xbox 360 version also requires an install but its size is unknown.


Source: http://global.yesasia.com/b5/PrdDept.aspx/...pid-1011073438/

i have a 250gb hard drive this doesnt bother me at all

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