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The SoulCalibur IV Thread

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The 'region free' available now isn't actually region free.


It only works on NTSC-U and NTSC-J. Not PAL. Which means I won't get my hands on it for some time yet.


I don't know where you read this but I have skimmed over 100s of comments regarding this game and have seen a few confirming working burns on PAL machines.





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Can the topic title be changed now? Because I've heard numerous reports that after install, the PS3 loads faster and even before install, they look exactly the same.


Just trying to be fair here, if you're gonna continue with a topic, don't keep a rumor alive.

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I'd like to know how it is as well. I'm getting it when it's released. I just wanted to let everyone know that I don't hate the 360. I hate what M$ did to increase their market share with it. One recent thing I'm really liking that M$ is doing is bringing it more up to speed game wise with installs. That's happening with the fall update right?

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