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The SoulCalibur IV Thread

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I HATE the online play. Dude are SO WHACK! They dont know how to play, all they do is pick someone with a long reach weapon and hack away. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

You still haven't meet my Shura :P

It doesn't matter who you choose, online is filled mostly with scrubs using characters with long range.

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I seriously nearly threw the damn thing out this morning. got to decending level 17 3 times today..

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YAY! I finally past that floor in ToLS. Now I'm on floor 44-45 where I have to fight characters with max Defense and Attack. Crazy.


I also made a half assed Deadpool using Cervantes style.

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only 400 mspoints = $5.00 for something that on the disc. I think they waited to long. they should have struck while the game was hot.

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