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The SoulCalibur IV Thread

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Along with Master Yoda, LucasArts worked the Vader apprentice from Force Unleashed into the fray as well (you’ll need to unlock this evil chap first, however). This isn’t that big of a deal to the non-Star Wars universe fans out there, but it still shows that Namco was at least going to some length in order to deliver a fresh fighting experience with Soulcalibur IV. Much more grandiose news, at least to those with a casual Star Wars appetite, is that the whole Xbox-Yoda, Vader-PS3 exclusivity thing was merely a disc data ploy. Vader will be available as a piece of DLC. Let the saber battle that every rabid Star Wars fan wanted commence.


'Nuff said.

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the apprentice is pretty beast.

vader looks slow and clunky in all the vids I've seen.

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Yoda is actually fun to play as, even if dirt cheap. From what my mate says about Vader, he isn't really fleshed out as a character and only has a bunch of clunky stupid moves that don't work together well.


Btw, do they claim a source over that Vader DLC confirmation thing?

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the star wars characters are ok but they are so out of place in this game, the apprentice is just a cheap bastard. vader attacks way too slow, and according to sources yoda is useless. i would like to see some cool guest characters as dlc. i doubt it happens but a guy can dream.

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