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The SoulCalibur IV Thread

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Not that I put much stock in what 1up writes, but they have given SC4 a very strong recommendation in their review; an 'A' and being called the best fighting game of our time.


Only time will tell whether people will accept SC4 into the pantheon of timeless, classic fighting games, but it looks great, plays extremely well, and has countermeasures for nearly any perceived exploit you may stumble across (like unlockable final boss Algol's slow-moving ranged attacks). The create-a-character mode is amazingly deep, allowing you to assemble your own bionic man, while the new manga-designed fighters add plenty of fun new looks and personalities to play. The Tower of Lost Souls mode is a much better attraction than Soul Calibur 3's Chronicles of the Sword, as it ditches that game's real-time-strategy-lite load-a-thon with more straightforward combat challenges (and rewards). Ironically, as complete a package as SC4 is, the recent release of the original Soul Calibur on Xbox Live actually feels faster and more nimble than its newer brother; that doesn't make it a better game, but it's an interesting observation.


So with the classic, new-school, and infinitely customizable character roster at the ready, and with online play fully operational, it's not a stretch to say this might be 2008's best fighting game. Some other hot fighters -- notably Street Fighter IV, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and Battle Fantasia -- are on the horizon, but considering how fun Soul Calibur 4 is after a month of nonstop play, I think it'd be hard to top what Namco's accomplished with what is unquestionably their best fighting game to date.


Source: http://www.1up.com/do/reviewPage?cId=3168981

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That is the most productive post I've ever seen. lol


Thank you! I have something to post there, but for some reason this stupid web browser won't allow me to, so I'm going to post it when I get home.

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How's the game, Inky? Saw you play on 360 yesterday :D

I played quite a bit yesterday. mostly jumping between story and tower of souls.

no online matches yet, I'm still trying to figure out who I am decent with, lol.


CaS is nice, you cant edit or create a new jedi though..... You can edit an existing character or create a new one using a base fighting style from the regular characters, say a female Kilik or a big black taki.


story is short, just a text intro, 5 fights and a cgi ending. you earn money at the end for CaS, or museum art.


arcade is just what it sounds like, 8 fights, best of 2. you get a letter rank and some money at the end.


Tower of souls is where you can get the most money it seems plus if you do certain things in the round you unlock a piece of equipment. on the second playthough of a floor it will give you a hint about what needs to be done. like "you are not alone" meaning you have to switch between characters during the round.


most characters are unlocked with money, but some are unlocked in other modes. the 4 anime chicks are unlocked in story mode. I am still hunting for one. The apprentice is unlocked playing arcade with yoda.


the apprentice is bad ass and makes me want the force unleashed. Yoda is fun to play with but I can see him being super annoying playing against. he's to short to be thrown and all high and some mids just whiff over him.


gameplay is tight, the 360 controller works fine, I haven't plugged in the ex2 because I dont wanna configure the buttons, lol but I will today. over all I'd say this should take care of any fighting game fans hunger until SFIV hits. it plays more like SCIII then SCII.

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it plays more like SCIII then SCII.

Definately skipping then, I hate the way SC3 plays now compared to when I first got it.

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if they throw in some extra equipment / weapons then I'd be down.

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