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What computer resolution do you use the most?


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See poll and discuss! :D


If your resolution is not listed, select "Other", since I think I picked the most common resolutions.

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A few of those are rather unusual resolutions. I use 1600x1200 on my desktop (4:3) and 1200x800 on my laptop (16:9).

Okay, I changed it around a little -- added in your vote for 1600x1200, and removed your vote for OTHER. :D

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Despite my gfx card and monitor both being 5 years old I can go up to 1920x1440, but I find 1920x1080 to be more 'comfortable' looking :D


I noticed with most modern LCD displays the resolution doesn't seem to go as high, at least on standard models. Not to mention most laptops max out at even lesser resolutions.


Now I'm used to having so much on-screen at once it's hard to go back. I tried even dropping to 1600x1200 but even that looked too big.

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22 wide screen at home is set at 16somethingx1080 I'm not home to check. at work its set at the standard 1024x768. but someone keeps rolling it down to 800x600. lol blind people i guess.

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