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  1. China always do funny things to games and gamers. I was playing a China MMORPG about a month ago. It had a crap limitation like half exp gain and unable to do quests, etc. if played for more than 3 hours.
  2. Just wondering is there an emulator that allows you to play commercial psp games on the PC without owning a psp?
  3. I'm currently serving national service. For the last one year, I only came here to attack Zero But good to see 1emu back. Edit: My last post was last year's July, lol.
  4. **** **** **** **** **** Edit: Oh dear, I thought I was posting at the spam section
  5. Game Name: Summon Night Twins Age Status: Playable. Speed: Good. Graphical errors: None for first 5 minutes of play. Sound: Ok for sounds effects like hitting monsters. Humans voices are horrible. Note: I don't like the game, the GBA ones are nicer. (unrelated to this thread) Game Name: Rondo of Swords Status: With bios, it shows me a nice black screen with nothing. Game Name: Draglade Save Type: Auto Status: Perfect. Speed: Good. Graphical errors: None, Sound: Good. Note: Just like what I said in the status, it's perfect.
  6. 1024*768 for me. I used to use 800*600. I prefer bigger icons, bigger text, etc.
  7. indeed torrent leeches lots of bandwidth in a limited shared connection.
  8. I still like downloading them from torrent and then watch them as and well I like without waiting it to buffer and load.
  9. Visual Boy Advance for GBA although GBA died last year. Other than that, I play PC and PC MMOs.
  10. I would say Final Fantasy. I never really liked Zelda since there are lots of puzzles to solve. I like such games but I seriously suck at them.
  11. Yeah. I love those most. But it's a long time since a game related comic is out. There are not as popular as original stories or stories recreated by Chinese novels.
  12. torrent spy was the first torrent search engine I get to know, but it's too messy and with those adult stuffs ads. There are indeed more alternatives.
  13. Sora from Kingdom Hearts I guess. It's nice to run around without any weapons (imagine polices start chasing you if you have a big sword) but immediately hold a sword/dagger/whatever it is when I'm ready to battle. Plus, who don't want the most famous mouse as a best friend.
  14. Damn... I feel so gay for not having female character in games I really like except for their gameplay abilities.
  15. I like Hong Kong comics best. Here are some of my reasons. 1) Full coloured. 2) Because I get to buy original HK comics but can't get original mangas, only translated ones which are badly printed. So, of course I would choose HK comics. 3) Storyline. Excluding those HK King of Fighters, SNK, Capcom games related comics. The HK comics usually have a very Chinese feel which I just like it. 4) DC and Marvel comics are most expensive compared to HK comics and mangas. PS: First post in 2008. Happy new year guys
  16. I reinstall the driver. But the problem still exist. The card is kind of new, about 2 to 4 months old. It's a FX 5500. EDIT: I don't know why but I just tried a minute ago and everything is okay now. Both OpenGL and Direct 3D.
  17. It was working well last week but yesterday all my 3D related applications are all screwed up. Both OpenGL and Direct 3D. I really have not a tiny bit of idea what went wrong. Anyone have any suggestions so I can check? All 2D stuffs are working well, though.
  18. I don't know what is this UG stuff. If there is still any left. I'll take one.
  19. I was watching Inital D so I feel like driving
  20. I never played DMC before, but seeing it port to the PC, I'm interested in it.
  21. When you place super glue in plastic and didn't wash away fast enough, it will make the surface a bit rough and the plastic becomes dirty with white spots. Is there any ways to remove the white spots and/or rough surface to make it as if nothing happened?
  22. sonic, mario, sonic. sonic hits mario, mario turns small. sonic hits mario, mario died. mario hits sonic, sonic's rings fly off. sonic catches them again. mario hits sonic, sonic's rings fly off. sonic catches them again. mario hits sonic, sonic's rings fly off. sonic catches them again. mario hits sonic, sonic's rings fly off. sonic catches them again. mario hits sonic, sonic's rings fly off. sonic catches them again. *ctrl+V infinitely*
  23. I don't think you can do that as of now.
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