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What computer resolution do you use the most?



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1024*768 although i i could make it higher if i could be bothered.


This 21 inch monster CRT (Compaq P110) does all kinds of resolutions and refresh rates.


At work I have 2 flat monitors, one is a 24 inch, the other a 19 inch. And 2 computers, one a HP DX2000, the other an ancient Compaq C500. The DX2000 runs XP and has a dual-monitor card, and the C500 runs Win2000 and only does one monitor. There is a switch to select which computer is connected to the 19 inch monitor. Can't remember the exact resolutions, but I made it so the characters are the same size on both monitors.

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1024*768, only because the text gets kind of distorted and hard to read if I set it a notch higher (I could do it though, my graphix card handles insane res, but my age old LCD does not :regurg:) PLus I'm used to things being a little bit bigger anyways. I could always go for a higher res if I had a bigger screen.

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800x600 then 1152x864 then dual 1024x768 then (single) 1280x1024 now 1024x768 (that's all my new little flat screen can do, but i still love him). my processor and gfx card aren't the best... so having to use 1024x768 for newer games, etc. is actually a blessing in disguise.

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