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more exclusive forum than spam


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If we were to implement this, would we run the risk of becoming tight asses? Perhaps not... but It would be interesting. A place, more desirable than spam, but still not public. Inky said ultra members, but I think Robert had a good idea.

Maybe an-invitation-only forum...

That way those like me could be a part. But there is a few problems.


Main reason: Especially now. The forum is suffering from stagnancy. There just isn't alot going on in the forum. It is not how I remember it was when I joined just under a year ago. At this point, with the site not popping like it used to, we would run the risk of further choking the life out of the site.


If this exclusive forum existed during a high time, what might go down? It would be a place free from bullshit, well at least at a measurable factor. We could use it to post things more freely. Conversations with a large amount of people, who share in the same idealness. (is that a word?) Conversations would be free from unwanting eyes. It has the possibility of being kinda awesome, and again, the possibility of being a train wreck.


If it were invitation only, we would have to discuss possible new members. And then we would take a vote after the arguments were laid out. This brings me to another problem.


Secondary reason: Favoritism. If this came to fruition, there would be those who are left out. Those who applied and were voted against. There would be a rift between members and that is NOT good. There would be posts on spam where sh!t talking would occur. But of course, that scenario, where it is more than an argument, but belittlement, would just justify why that individual wasn't voted for in the first place... But having that situation would not be pretty.


I know each individual has the possibility of greatness. Life is but an endless series of choices. Often we stray from "our" path, and sometimes become someone we did not want to become. That being said, There are those who would have good insight in a conversation, but on the other side of the coin, has the ability of not being able to handle themselves well.


I like the invitation only idea, but it may just be too problematic.


If Inky's idea of ultra members forum came to be, It might have less issues. But I wouldn't be let in, but I'm sure in this idea, I am included. And the opposite of that, are those who are Ultra, and not desirable for said forum. I like the invite only better, but what of the ramifications. If it were implemented at a high time, what would occur. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.


But thinking about it... It would have some good advantages. But then again, would it be worth it.

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Yeah... actually I was thinking more along the lines of anyone who attained the 1000 posts, except the ones considered not suitable or were being idiotic or whatever. But generally, you could consider yourself invited once you became an Ultra Member.


What you'd talk about.. well I'm not really sure. I reckon Ultra Members should get some reward, that's for certain.

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