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more exclusive forum than spam


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I agree, being affiliated with a bunch of lame duck sites isn't any benefit.


Back then i could probably disagree with that, but now I couldn't agree more. The best method is just advertising going on other forums and adding your site to your signature and make some proposal or events on specific forums that allow it, in order to draw in even more users.

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What you guys are referring to sounds like something I've implemented on my forum last year, however nothing illegal of course. :blink:


Anyway it doesn't have to be porn or anything illegal, just be a place for reputable or higher ranking members to converse about personal or private issues and qualms they don't want the general public to see.


Preferably invite only, every potential invite is reviewed before reviewed before anyone is accepted to ensure utmost confidentiality.


It can be a place that members of the group can post personal projects, art, music, or anything else they want to show off that they don't want the general public to know about providing it stayed within legal boundaries of course.

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